"Mexicans do not support Mexicans": Yahritza reveals what hurt her the most about the criticism against her

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The group met with Pepe Garza to clarify the situation that led them to the cancellation. | TikTok.

For a few weeks the name of Yahritza and its essence it has populated all social media as well as interpersonal conversations across the country. And it is that it is a group of lying down corridos and regional Mexican music, made up of three teenagers, who during an interview They expressed the things they did not like about the Aztec territorywith a very special mention to the gastronomy of the country.

The former, of course, ignited the indignation of all Mexicans, especially since one of the members of the group mentioned that Mexican food lacked “flavor and spiciness”. What followed is that they were criticized all over the internet, and even their social media accounts lost up to 5 million followers in a matter of a few days.

He hate It was so extreme that the group had to go out and make several public apologies that have hardly worked. His last attempt to clarify the situation happened recently during an interview with Pepe Garza, who was a guest of honor at the group's house, and even shared a table with them.

'Yahritza y Su Esencia' addresses controversies and its ties to Mexico (Yahritza Y Su Esencia)
'Yahritza y Su Esencia' addresses controversies and its ties to Mexico (Yahritza Y Su Esencia)

While they ate Mexican food, guacamole and everything, Yahritza and her brothers clarified the situation. They talked about how they have experienced that "fall from grace", but above all they said they were disappointed to see how Mexicans treat other Mexicans.

“[Es triste] See that the Mexicans do not support the Mexicans... And well, people think it's more than, 'you don't support the country or anything', but we didn't grow up there, we don't know much about Mexico”, said the leader of the group through tears.

Yahritza clarified that she doesn't care much about what they say about her, but what they say about her brothers and her parents does. She claimed that he feared on several occasions for his brother's lifethe one who said that he did not like Mexican food and that he ate pure 'chicken'.

However, the part that affected him the most of the hundreds of comments was when they were about his parents. Many Internet users assured that the trio of artists did not have a good education and that this was the reason why they ranted in such a way against their roots.

“I also like my parents,” said Yahritza, speaking about the things that were said on the internet. “They were telling us 'your parents didn't raise you well' “. However, he defended his parents by saying that he always gave them the best education and the most they could, despite the fact that in the past there were deficiencies and sometimes they didn't even have enough for shoes.

The grouping experienced a massive unfollow. | (Instagram: @yahritzaysuesencia).
The grouping experienced a massive unfollow. | (Instagram: @yahritzaysuesencia).

“We were also very poor. Sometimes my parents also struggled to buy us shoes, or clothes, or food, sometimes it wasn't even enough, for beans or anything," the young woman confessed..

On the other hand, José Francisco and Rosa, the parents of the trio of artists, they also spoke about the education that their children gave them and how they raised them, in the United States.

"I have seen videos [...] that we parents did not give them a good example. I have instilled in them all the time about Mexicothe avenues in Mexico and everything, said José.

“We came here to have a better life for our children”said Rose. “[Estuve] picking everything, the pear, what there was to do with work”.

In the end, the older sister of the family promised that her family will always remain humble: “We will always be humble and I think that apart from that it is understanding that we are all human ”.

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