Mexicana and Tren Maya will generate losses: Alejandro Zozaya

Mexicana and Tren Maya will generate losses: Alejandro Zozaya
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The start up of Mexican Aviation and the Mayan Traincompanies that will be operated by the State, through the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), They will only generate additional expenses for the government, “because they will not be profitable,” he warned. Alejandro Zozaya, vice president of the National Tourism Business Council (CNET).

Instead of these projects being a profitable source that generates taxes and more revenue for the government, they will be a source of losses that will cause additional expenses for the administration. In itself, when commercial airlines are managed by an expert sector, many of them lose money, which can happen with an airline managed by the State and, even worse, by the military. There are no nationalized airlines that are profitable, and there are many examples.

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In the case of the Mayan Train, when they finish it, if they finish it, it will be a project that will cost the Mexicans a lot of money, because there is no way for it to be profitable, a lot of money will have to be invested and the taxes are going to maintain the permanent losses of this work,” he said in an interview.

Zozaya mentioned that Businessmen in the sector want a demilitarization of tourismsince the Armed Forces are in control of airports, airlines, trains and soon hotels.

It is necessary not only to demilitarize tourism, but also to demilitarize the country. One of the countries where the military is up to its neck in tourism is Cuba and not only in airlines, but in hotels and restaurants and we do not like to see the country heading in that direction. The military has a vocation and we have a Constitution that makes it very clear what their role is, but when they change their vocation and make them entrepreneurs or manage industries that are not their expertise, normally what happens with these companies is that they operate with subsidies. “.

The manager mentioned that the offer made by the State regarding Mexican Aviation band tickets up to 20% cheaper compared to other competitors is “a populist measure” that goes against the law of the market.

The airline is not at all a solution for tourism, the solution would be for more private investment and more competition to enter, because then the one who wins is the consumer, since there are better prices. “Mexicana is not going to increase revenue, it is going to increase spending.”


According to the portal Mexican Aviation, the airline will officially begin selling tickets on November 25, only to nine destinations. For the other 11 that had offered pre-sale, the purchase will not be able to be concluded, which is why it will offer compensation to those interested.

So far, the state company has not been able to acquire the Boeing 737 aircraft with which it was going to start operations.

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