Mexican wrestling continues in mourning: renowned commentator Arturo “El Rudo” Rivera died

Arturo Rivera dies at the age of 67.

Photo: Fernando Nuñez / Imago7

Mexican wrestling is going through difficult times. In the last few hours it became known death of the Super Doll wrestler. But as if that were not enough, this Wednesday, February 9, Arturo “El Rudo” Rivera also died after be hospitalized since February 3. Although the cause of his death is not exactly known, the truth is that Mexican sport dawns with sadness.

From his beginnings with Televisa, “Rudo” took his first steps in soccer. But it was in wrestling where this journalist would make himself known and leave a great legacy in the media.

Rivera earned the nickname “Rudo” for his support in the corner of the “bad guys” of AAA and CMLL. “The rude, the rude, the rude… And the Atlante”was one of the iconic phrases of José Arturo Rivera.

In the last stage of his life, Rivera suffered from many health problems. A femur fracture, bacteria, intestinal problems and even alcoholism, disrupted the last years of his life. Since he was hospitalized on February 3, through the media They asked for blood donors, but the time of the legendary “Rudo” came to an end.

Reactions to the death of Arturo Rivera

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