Mexican Women's Team is motivated to face Argentina in the Pan American Games

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The Mexican Women's National Team will continue in search of podium at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Gameswhen measured against Argentina in the semi-finals of the continental competition.

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The led by Pedro López will face the most important matchat least until now, of this international fair where They have their sights set on the gold medal.

Tomorrow we have our first final to win a medal, it is also a team that we can meet in the Gold Cup, we are motivated by the sensations,” commented the Spanish strategist.

Lopez He assured that the team will continue along the same line that led them to these instances as undefeated.

Good feelings, especially of control, especially being able to take the initiative, with those good feelings, having confidence, pressing and dominating, physically we are extraordinarily good, one day before the game, that is what is making the difference in this tournament.” , he mentioned at a press conference.

The helmsman highlighted that they have managed to achieve good actions despite the short work time and the brief nature of the tournament.

This is a process, in this process we are collecting results on the scoreboard, yes there are small details that we increasingly master, because we interpret better and we are willing to continue taking steps, I do not want to deceive anyone and yes at this moment it is helping us" , he added.

According to López, Even though Argentina does not belong to the world Top 20, it will not be a rival in any way.. However, It will be good for Tri to face the Albicelestea synod with whom they will face each other in the next Gold Cup.

I think it's good, not only is it good on a tactical level, I think on a mental, nutritional level, I don't know how close we are, we'll see that when we face the best in the world, but I do know that tomorrow we have a great rival and we hope to finish successfully,” he concluded.


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