Mexican women triumph at the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival

Mexican women triumph at the Huelva Ibero American Film Festival
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He Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival concluded the weekend with an event held at the Palacio de Congresos that featured the Mexican actress Cecilia Suárez, who received the Ciudad de Huelva Award, and the winners of the Official Honors Awards, who went on stage to collect their awards, sharing their joy with the spectators.

The president of the Official Jury, Javier Tolentino, had the honor of presenting the most important award of the Official Prize, the Golden Colon for the Best Film for Valentina or serenitywhich was received by the film's director, Ángeles Cruz.

The Mexican thanked the jury and the festival for this hug.

Cinema should always be inclusive and diverse. May we be filled with serenity, which we greatly need, and may childhood live without violence,” she stressed.

The most emotional moment of the night was the presentation of the Ciudad de Huelva Award to the Mexican actress Cecilia Suárez, the director and screenwriter Manolo Caro, The flower house, was in charge, extolling all her virtues as an actress and person. It should be noted that Ceci is one of the favorites and almost a staple in the filmmaker's works.

Recognized with numerous awards (including three Platinum Awards, two Ariel Award nominations and an Emmy nomination), Suárez has produced outstanding work under directors such as Tommy Lee Jones, James L. Brooks, Frank Galati, Manolo Caro, Lucía Carreras, Ernesto Contreras, Antonio Serrano, Fernando Colomo, Mafer Suárez, Violeta Salama and Rodrigo García Sáiz, among others.

Excited, she said: “As a woman and a Mexican, it is an immense honor to receive this award within the framework of a festival dedicated to Ibero-American cinema, which tells our stories and unites us. But not only language unites us, but also the sea, history and miscegenation,” she shared.

The actress explained that she is the granddaughter of an Asturian immigrant and that she has lived in Spain for four years.

Without even realizing it, making my grandfather's roots, which live in my blood, search for the land where he came from and rediscover each other."

Thank you, Huelva, for this award, for this new welcome, not to a Mexican in Spain, but to a Mexican from Spain,” the actress concluded.

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Cecilia Suárez herself was in charge of announcing the dates of the next 50th edition of the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival, which will be held between November 15 and 23 of next year.


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