Mexican women attacked with acid protest against impunity | News

A group of women victims of acid attacks and Mexican feminist activists protested on Sunday in front of the National Palace to demand that the government end impunity in the face of the wave of attacks against women.


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The protest was held to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the acid attack against Carmen Sánchez, whose face was disfigured by her ex-partner, being one of the cases that in Mexico raised awareness about these attacks.

“Today we want the fight to eradicate violence with acid to begin, for this we must understand it for what it is: an attempted femicide,” exclaimed Martha Ávila, one of the organizers of the protest and spokesperson for the Carmen Sánchez Foundation. MX.

On behalf of those affected, Martha Avila, who was attacked with acid by her son-in-law, began her speech: “I never thought it would happen to me”, a preamble to call for solidarity with women who have been affected by this type of attack. aggressions that, he demanded, should be classified as “attempted femicide.”

Ávila maintained that despite the existence of previous complaints against the aggressors, the police and security authorities do not listen to the victims of sexist attacks and aggressions.

The spokeswoman for the Fundación Carmen Sánchez MX, demanded a dialogue with officials to create a protocol to care for victims and create clinical practices for women who arrive attacked with acid.

“It is urgent that sanitary measures are really taken in hospitals so that, when we arrive, we are properly attended to,” he said.

The vice president of the Foundation, Ximena Canseco, indicated that at least 32 women have been attacked with acid since they began a registry.

The demonstration takes place in the midst of a wave of sexist violence in Mexico with 1,004 registered femicides in 2021.

According to official figures, more than 10 women are murdered in Mexico every 24 hours.

Cases of family violence have also been on the rise with a record number of complaints for this crime of 23,909 in May 2021.

The women, who are preparing to leave on March 8, International Women’s Day, denounced the government’s indifference to combat acid attacks and other types of sexist violence.