Mexican Softball League calls for 280 women to be part of its league

Mexican Softball League calls for 280 women to be part
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This week, the newly created Mexican Women's Softball League (LMS) received more than a hundred women in order to select a group of them for the Draft, where six franchises will choose the best to integrate their squads for the start of the season.

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The appointment for this historic event was at the facilities of the Olmeca League in Mexico City, where A total of 280 players answered the call for the league's Tryout with the motivation and enthusiasm of being part of the 80 finalists who could be chosen by the professional teams.

How was the process?

The players who arrived in Mexico City were from 24 states in the country, in addition to those from the capital. After their arrival they were evaluated by coaches from the Mexican Softball Federation (FMS), who divided them into three fields of the Olmeca League: one for catchers and pitchers, another for infielders and another for outfielders.

During the day, various tests and therefore cuts were carried out, and at the end a meeting was held to determine the eighty players who will be part of the Draft. from which the six teams of the first season of the LMS will be drawn.

The league starts in January and these are the teams

The LMS will sing its first playball in history on January 25, and will be made up of six teams that are leaders in the Mexican Baseball League (LMB) and that on this occasion are committed to the growth of the sport of hot ball also oriented towards the woman.

The six clubs that will participate in the historic first edition in 2024 will be Diablos Rojos del México, Bravos de León, El Águila de Veracruz, Leones de Yucatán, Olmecas de Tabasco and Sultanes de Monterrey.

It should be noted that the games of the aforementioned league will be held in their stadiums where the professional men's teams play, so the commitment on the part of the franchises is total in supporting the nascent women's league.

Its first edition is projected to start on January 25, 2024 and the playoffs will start at the end of February. The series due to the title will be called “Queen Series”.​



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