Mexican Rhythmic Gymnastics Team remains stranded in Israel

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A few days after beginning his participation in the Panamerican GamesSantiago 2023, the Mexican Rhythmic Gymnastics Team it's found stranded in Israela country from which they have not been able to leave due to the wars.

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The preparation for the Pan American fair in Tel Aviv started from the past August 11 with a view to the 2023 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships that took place on August 23 to 27 in Valencia, Spainthe same one that ended up dominating Germany (5 Gold medals for one Silver).

Meanwhile, the Mexican Rhythmic Gymnastics Team continued its preparation in the Middle East and, despite not revealing the location in which they are currently located, through the official website of the national team, they announced that They keep training in a safe area to arrive in Chile as soon as conditions allow.

We are fine, we are in a safe area, somewhat far from the affected cities and we already know all the necessary measures in case of any situation. We thank you all for being attentive and for your messages.”

Despite the uncertainty that they go through, the coach of the Mexican National Team, Blajaith Aguilar Rojasassured that the Secretary of National Defense has already contacted themgiving them the precise instructions and measures to take in the event of an unforeseen event.

On behalf of Sedena, they have contacted us to find out how we are doing and they are on the lookout, declared Blajaith Aguilar in an interview.

It is a shame that all this happened here in Israel, it is true that we are scared with the situation, the people here have shown us the protocols and bunkers that should be used if necessary,” he concluded.

* The activity of the 2023 Pan American Games will begin next Wednesday, October 18, while the Inauguration will take place two days later; For its part, Rhythmic Gymnastics will enter the scene on Wednesday, November 1.


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