Mexican rhythmic gymnastics team asks the government for help to leave Israel | Video

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The Mexican rhythmic gymnastics team asked the federal government for help to leave Israel, country in which its members are stranded, after attending a preparation camp for the next Pan American Games.

Through a video broadcast on social networks, the captain Blajaith Aguilar Rojas andexplained that after the war situation that exists in the country after the attacks by the Palestinian group Hamas, last Saturday, “tension and worry” have taken over their surroundings.

“Given the seriousness of the situation, flights have been canceledleaving us without the immediate possibility of returning to our Mexico,” he noted.

"Before this panorama, We call and strongly request support from our government so that we can return safely to our house as soon as possible,” the gymnast added.

Aguilar thanked the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), the National Sports Commission (Conade), as well as the Mexican Gymnastics Federation (FMG) for their attention. who have been aware of them and in contact at all times.

He also thanked his followers for their messages of support and prayers. “We are fine and we are safe. All your messages keep us strong and with the hope that we can soon be back home, we thank all the Mexican people for keeping an eye on us. Thank you and we hope to see each other again soon,” the video ends.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) reported on Sunday that 500 Mexicans have registered in the emergency form which opened after the situation of violence that began last Saturday in Israel and Gaza and that so far has left more than 1,200 dead.

The chancellor, Alicia Bárcena, reported that remains in communication with Mexican people in Israel and that personnel from the Secretariat and, in particular, from the Mexican embassy in Israel participate in the coordination work.

Photo: EFE

Earlier, Bárcena reported that two Mexicans were “allegedly taken hostage by the Hamas group” in the Gaza Strip, on Saturday.

“I regret to report that our Mexican Embassy in Israel has informed us “that a Mexican woman and a Mexican man have been allegedly taken hostage by the Hamas group, in Gaza, this Saturday”, the official said in a message on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

"We are in contact with authorities in Israel and relatives to give monitoring, support and attention”, he pointed.

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