Mexican politician reminds Felipe Calderón that he warned him about García Luna when he was president

Felipe Calderón and Manuel Espino after winning the presidential election in 2006.


A few days have passed since the verdict was announced after the trial of Genaro Garcia Lunain which the jury found the former Secretary of Public Security of Mexico guilty of all charges.

Dozens of politicians have come out to give their opinions, some wash their hands and distance themselves from their ally, others claim to have talked about the links that the "Super Police" had with the drug trafficker since he was in office.

Such is the case of Manuel Espinoformer national leader of the National Action Party (PAN), from whose ranks former presidents Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón left, who put García Luna in charge of the corporations in charge of providing security to Mexico, who said that he warned Calderón of the ties of the former official with the narco.

And it is that in Mexico the political polarization is great, for this reason the reactions of the former presidents were expected, since some voices have accused them for years of having ties to organized crime.

Felipe Calderón wrote on his social networks that he was not aware of what his Secretary of Security was doing.and accused of wanting to use the verdict to persecute him politically, he also spoke ill of the current Government.

It was in that tweet where Espino replied: "I informed you of those links, I shared the version that emerged at an international meeting of former heads of state on security in Colombia. In your style, you preferred to ignore”.

Manuel Espino's revelation about the warnings that Colombian authorities gave him about García Luna coincides with the account made by the former Federal Police commissioner, Javier Herrera Valles, in the sense that he also warned then President Felipe Calderón of possible links of the former Secretary of Security with drug traffickers.

Said complaint was not addressed, on the contrary, suffered reprisals for making his complaints public, since he was accused of organized crime along with his brother Arturo Herrera Valles.

According to the weekly Proceso, the former US ambassador to Mexico, Roberta Jacobson, was another of the voices that warned Calderón about García Luna. The diplomat asserted that the information collected by the US government came from Mexican officials who received and had information about the corruption of the "Super Police".

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