Mexican Pacific Baseball League seeks to stop being regional

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The Mexican Pacific Baseball League (LMP) began a strategy to stop being regional and take advantage of the euphoria that sport is experiencing in Mexico, he assured this Saturday EFE the president of the circuit, Carlos Manrique.

“We are living a great moment in Mexican baseball, but it is not just about riding the wave, but about capitalizing on it; To do this we must grow in states where they don't see us as much,” he explained.

Mexican baseball had one of its best years in 2023 after the Mexican National Team obtained a historic third place in the World Classic in March. That result boosted interest in this sport.

The euphoria has been mostly taken advantage of by the Mexican Baseball League (LMB), the circuit that is played in summer and covers the states of the country from south to north, unlike the LMP, which runs in winter and has most of its novenas in the Mexican Pacific region.

“We want the league to have more presence in central and southern Mexico and to be an option for fans of the Mexican League so that in the winter, when their competition is not active, they can see us as their option to continue enjoying baseball. “added Manrique, who has been president of the LMP since 2022.

Among the actions that the executive has led to conquer the rest of Mexico is the Baseball Fan Fest, which marks the first time that LMP teams come to Mexico City to play preseason games.

The manager revealed that if they gain presence in the capital, where according to their numbers they have six of the 80 million fans who follow them, that will allow them to reach the other states of Mexico.

With this, Manrique trusts that his teams will improve their income and grow their business model, which consists of obtaining 30 percent of their budget from what they receive from television rights and the rest from what they generate from the sale of television. tickets and souvenirs.

The 2023-2024 LMP season will begin on October 13.

(With information from EFE)

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