Mexican mothers march for their missing children | News


On the occasion of the celebration of Mother’s Day in Mexico, human rights groups, led by mothers whose children have been disappeared at the hands of criminal groups, among others, marched this Tuesday in different cities of the country, including the capital, where developed the central act of protest.


Caravan of mothers from Central America protests in Mexico City

The Colectivo Búscame carried out its protest in front of the National Palace in the Zócalo of Mexico City to demand the appearance of their children alive. Later, a concentration of people, mostly women, began at the Monument to the Mother who began a march towards the Angel of Independence.

This day also takes place the XI March of National Dignity “Mothers looking for their daughters and sons, truth and justice”, called by the Movement for Our Disappeared, in a context in which, according to the National Registry of Disappeared Persons and Not Located (RNPDNO), there are 99,833 disappeared until May 9.

Our Disappeared is made up of several groups that are looking for their loved ones and had begun their protest since Monday with the installation of printed mosaics with the photographs of their relatives in front of the headquarters of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

On April 12, relatives of disappeared persons from the Movement for Our Disappeared in Mexico asked the Mexican State to heed the report of the UN Committee Against Enforced Disappearances (CED) and apply the recommendations quickly and convincingly.

Demonstrations are also called in Tijuana, Veracruz, Nuevo Leon and Puebla.

Added to these protests is the Caravan of Mothers from Central America whose objective is to demand justice and to find their children who have disappeared during their migratory transit through Mexico.

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