Mexican migrants are attacked by gunfire in US territory

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A group of mexican migrantscomposed of eight adults and four minorswere attacked with firearms in San Diego County, USA.

Fortunately, the attackers did not hit any of the shots and the migrants were rescued by US authorities after asking for help via cell phone.

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The events were recorded this weekend, reported the head of the Municipal Directorate of Migrant Assistance (DMAM), Enrique Lucero Vázquez, who stated that he received a warning call from one of the migrants to request their rescue, after enter through the Tecate area towards US territory.

Lucero Vázquez reported that the applicant stated that they voluntarily entered that area, but upon realizing that they were being followed and hearing explosions, they decided to request help.

He indicated that once people sent, via WhatsApp, the geolocation point On Lupe Spring Trail, in San Diego County, coordination was activated with the INM delegate, David Pérez Tejada, who made the necessary arrangements for his rescue by the Border Patrol.

He specified that the US authorities will determine the immigration status of this group of migrants, originating from the state of Guerrerobecause according to Title 8, people who enter irregularly and do not demonstrate credible fear could receive a punishment of up to five years to enter the United States.

He pointed out that during the preventive and information activities that the DMAM carries out in shelters and areas of influx of people in the context of human mobility, migrants are urged to avoid irregular crossings and expose themselves to theft or extortion, and even to losing their lives.

This is the second telephone rescue carried out under the same dynamic in the area of ​​the Jacume-Tecate ejido, which has become a route for migrants seeking to evade the border wall to enter the United States irregularly, but which involves a greater risk because it is a mountainous and desert area that is easy to get lost, where they can also suffer dehydration or an animal bite.

He highlighted that at 2:15 p.m., the head of the National Migration Institute in Baja California confirmed the rescue of all migrants who are in good health conditions.


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