Mexican manages to leave the bombing zone

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Bárbara Lango, the Mexican doctor who was in the Gaza Strip, managed to leave the Palestinian enclave and is in Egypt, her father, Porfirio Lango, confirmed to Excelsior.

“I can confirm that she and her husband are in Egypt,” she said.

In the same sense, the Mexican Foreign Minister, Alicia Bárcena, revealed that Lango and her husband Suleiman managed to leave Gaza, where they were seeking to leave as a result of the escalation of the conflict since October 7.

Great joy! Barbara Lango and her husband Suleiman left Gaza. Thanks to the Mexican Embassy in Egypt, and to everyone who made her departure possible,” she said.

Barbara Lango lived in Gaza where she met her now husband Suleiman Said Al-Fayoumi, who was her translator.

After several days and after arduous negotiations, foreigners were allowed to leave through the border with Egypt.

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Porfirio Lango, the anesthesiologist's father, had asked the Mexican government to take the necessary steps to allow his daughter to evacuate Gaza in the face of increased bombing.

Via telephone, Porfirio explained the moment he learned that his daughter left the war zone.

I felt relaxed, totally, it was a respite. They were terrible days of great anxiety and anguish, because we knew perfectly well that there is no safe place in Gaza,” explained the doctor, also by profession.

In vulnerable terrain

Bárbara Lango is part of the organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

The doctor has been to South Sudan, Yemen and Haiti.

Last year, MSF assigned him the mission of opening two units to care for burn patients in Gaza.

Originally from Mazatlán, Bárbara worked in Al Shifa, near where Israel bombed an ambulance yesterday.

I feel very proud. “I am really proud that my daughter has the human spirit to help those in need,” said her father.

I boast about the courage my daughter has to be in those situations. Don't think they get to a five-star hotel, in Sudan she lived in a little cabin. In Haiti, they spent three months in tents in a garden. “She is a very enthroned girl,” she added.

Last October 15, this newspaper published that Bárbara and her husband wanted to leave Palestine to get married in Mexico. However, the government of our country denied him a visa.

Today my daughter and son-in-law can sleep well for the first time in a month,” he said.

He thanked Mexico for its diplomatic efforts in Palestine and Egypt.

Today my daughter is out of danger, but let's remember that there are still people suffering in Gaza. That's what drives me crazy. “Not to look for who to blame or why, but rather a humanitarian ceasefire,” she insisted.

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