Mexican gymnast clarifies controversy with Brazil and Pan American Judges

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The Mexican Marina Malpicainvolved in a series of controversies over the rhythmic gymnastics competitions at the Pan American Gamessaid to EFE this saturday his intention was not to offend Brazilbut did not deny what was said against the judges.

The Mexican was one of the favorites to win several gold medals in the continental competitions but he ended up without any despite filling up with gold in the Central Americans.

Malpica lost the place for the 2024 Paris Olympics by finishing in fourth position in the complete individual, which also prevented her from getting on the podium in the highest continental event of rhythmic, which was occupied by the Brazilian Barbara Domingos.

Marina Malpica | Photo: Reuters

Added to this were the defeats in the individual hoop, ball, ribbon and clubs, tests that were also dominated by the Brazilians.

Without the competitions having finished, the Mexican He made a series of comments on his social networks in which he criticized that it was Brazil that always took the awards.

“I will move to Brazil to see if they give me something”he noted in a message that he later deleted.

In another message, too hinted that there was bias in the competition.

“When the USA was there, all the golds had to be from that country and now all the golds go to Brazil. This will never end. Unfortunately I don't have anyone in the FIG or the PAGU,” he said.

And he finished with an interview in which She said that perhaps her condition as Mexican had prevented her from winning, criticizing the judges.

Marina Malpica | Photo: Reuters

“Well maybe I shouldn't say this but I think they should be a little does not remain in me, Sometimes, being Mexican, I don't know if it helps much in this situation, since right now there is no high rank there in the Mexican judges, but I gave it my all and I can't do more, I did my job and I'm happy for that," he told XEU Deportes.

Questioned by EFE Regarding the controversy that surrounds her, the Mexican said that her intention He was never offending Brazil and he apologized.

“My intention was never to offend Brazilian women. If that was the case, I apologize."he pointed.

Regarding what he said about the judges, Malpica only specified: “I'm not the only one who says it. "I'm not going to talk about it anymore.".

Marina Malpica | Photo: Reuters

The Mexican, however, made it clear that she was happy with her debut in the Pan American Games.

“I feel like I did my best job, I came in fourth (in the complete individual classification). “They are my first Pan-Americans,” she stated.

Malpica He still has a chance to compete in the Paris Olympics if he manages to get a place in 2024 at the Pan American Championships.

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