Mexican Court Challenges Penalty for Possession of Marijuana | News


The First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) in Mexico challenged this Wednesday the penalty for carrying five grams of marijuana, unless it can be shown that it is not used for personal consumption.


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With three votes in favor, the highest court established to offset the penalty for carrying that amount of marijuana, but punishes with ten months to three years in prison if it exceeds that amount.

For its part, the United Mexico Against Crime (MUCD) organization indicated that “the project is approved, but it does not create a mandatory precedent for the rest of the cases. Only in this case, a collegiate court will have to decide whether the accused person possessed cannabis for personal use or not.”

“We will continue working to protect the rights of consumers and citizens. We are sure that a safer and more peaceful Mexico needs the decriminalization of drugs”, stressed the MUCD.

The expert Lisa Sánchez, a member of the MUCD, stated that “the project itself recognizes that the crime of simple possession does not protect public health and lends itself to authoritarian excesses by the State. The ministers did not get rid of those arguments and did not choose to declare their unconstitutionality. A shame,” said Sánchez.

In June 2021, the Court eliminated the articles of the General Health Law that absolutely prohibited the use of cannabis, and according to local media, this general declaration only requires the Ministry of Health to issue permits to those interested, but it had no consequences in the criminal sphere nor does it protect those who do not have such provisions.

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