Mexican celebrities who have been victims of cyberbullying because of their body

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Social networks have become spaces where all voices have a space; However, many have used their right to give their opinion to generate hatred and harassment against public figures, among them many Mexican celebrities who have been the target of criticism for the shape of their body, their aesthetic operations and even the clothes they wear on their clothes. social networks.

Danna Paola He grew up in the eyes of the public after his debut in children's soap operas, hence the affection that Mexicans have had for him for years, but since he reached adolescence and after the success he achieved with the Elite series, The singer has received thousands of attacks on social networks for the physical change she has had for her latest albumas well as the alleged surgeries that people believe he has undergone.

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Since she left television to focus fully on music, Belinda has been harshly criticized for her attitude towards the media and for her romantic relationships, however, ten years ago, It was a sign of promoting eating disorders due to the thinness he presented while he was promoting his album Carpe diem.. Although at the time the singer-songwriter decided to keep quiet about it, she eventually revealed that she looked that way because she had started an exercise routine that helped her feel more confident with her body.

On the other hand, Eiza Gonzalez He has had to repeatedly close his social networks due to the harassment and criticism he receives through them, with Mexicans being the ones who send him the most hate messages. In an interview, the singer also He commented that the people who make the most offensive comments about his body and his work are of Mexican origin.something that makes her sad because she has worked hard to raise the name of our country.

For several years, Aracely Ordaz, better known as Gummywas harshly attacked on social networks and digital platforms for making public the aesthetic adjustments she underwent following her success on the program in which she shared credits with Laura G and Cecilia Galeano. Although she seemed strong for a long time, the host went through moments of sadness due to the hate she received every time she posted a photo on Instagram.

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Currently, there are laws that seek to protect victims of cyber harassment regardless of whether they are famous or not, in addition, social networks have implemented measures so that harassers run out of spaces on their platforms. HoweverMexico continues to be one of the countries in which the most hate speech is generated against women, people from the LGBT+ community, indigenous communities and vulnerable sectors of the population.

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