Mexican Bárbara Lango leaves Gaza after several days

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The Mexican doctor Barbara Lango managed to leave today, November 3, 2023, from the Gaza Strip where she was stranded after the explosion war between Israel and Hamas on October 7 when the Palestinian group launched a surprise attack and crossed the border into Palestinian territory.

The Mexican had lived in Gaza for more than a year and a half and it was there where she met her now husband Suleiman Said Al-Fayoumi, who helped her by being her translator. Finding herself at ground zero of the conflict, the doctor sought to leave the territory controlled by Hamas, but Israel did not allow humanitarian corridors for both the entry of aid and the exit of people. However, after several days and after negotiations she authorized opening a channel on the border with Egypt for the exit of foreigners.

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Porfirio Lango, the doctor's father, had even asked the Mexican authorities to carry out the necessary steps to allow his daughter to evacuate Gaza given the intensification of the conflict between Hamas and Israel, which have exchanged bombings.

Finally, Bárbara Lango left the conflict zone this Friday along with her husband Suleiman Said Al-Fayoumi and they arrived at the Mexican embassy in Egypt, from where the procedures for their repatriation to our country will be carried out.

It was Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena who announced that the Mexican doctor was no longer in Gaza, for which she thanked everyone who made her departure possible.

Yesterday the Mexican doctor was also evacuated Michelle Rabelwho was also transferred to the Mexican embassy in Egypt from where her repatriation will be managed.

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Who is Bárbara Lango, a Mexican doctor who was trapped in Gaza?

Mexican doctor Bárbara Lango arrived in the Gaza Strip after joining the organization in August 2020. Doctors without borderswhich sent her on various missions to care for patients in different countries such as South Sudan, where she was her first humanitarian mission. She was also in Yemen, in Haiti, and in April 2022 she was sent to Israel and settled in the Gaza Strip.

In Palestinian territory he helped open medical units to care for burn patients. In November last year she stopped collaborating with Doctors Without Borders, but since then she continued in Gaza offering her professional services.

Bárbara Lango is originally from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, and studied as a surgeon at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara from 2002 to 2007. She specialized in anesthesiology at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa from 2013 to 2016.


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