Mexican athletes show supremacy in the 2023 Pan American Games!

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Mexico made history at the Pan American Games by achieving 142 medals in the fair, a sum never before obtained by the Mexican delegation. Of them, 67 arrived from the women's branch testsdividing into 27 Gold, 19 of Silver and twenty-one of Bronze.

DON'T MISS: Mexico wins 142 medals in the 2023 Pan American Games, here is each one of them!

Considering only the medals obtained by women at the 2023 Pan American Games, Mexico would have finished in third place. This medal table would have been dominated by USA (145), followed by Brazil (95), Mexico (67), Canada (82) and Colombia (fifty).

The Mexican delegation added 27 gold medals to Canada's 22, a system that gives it third place in this women's medal table.

Were 34 countries that won at least one medal in the 2023 Pan American Games, of which, 13 ended with women adding more metals than the male and mixed branches.

Those nations are: USA, Brazil, Mexico and Canada (first four in the medal table), Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Panama, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Haiti, Barbados and Dominica.


1. Citlali Cristian - Women's Marathon (Athletics).

2. Karina Alan√≠s and Beatriz Briones - k2 500 meters (Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčCanoeing).

3. Karina Alanís, Beatriz Briones, Brenda Gutiérrez and Maricela Montemayor - women's k4 500 meters (speed canoeing).

4. Jessica Salazar, Paola Verdugo and Daniela Gaxiola - Team speed (Track cycling).

5. Yareli Acevedo - √ďmnium (Cycling track).

6. Gabriela Agundez - Synchronized 3 meter springboard (Diving).

7. Gabriela Agundez and Alejandra Orozco - Synchronized 10 meter platform (Diving).

8. Arantxa Ch√°vez and Paola Pineda - Synchronized 3 meter springboard (Diving).

9. Mexican women's team - 1-0 Vs Chile (Soccer).

10. Guadalupe Quintal - 68 kg (Karate).

eleven. Nuria Diosdado and Joana Jiménez - Duet (Artistic Swimming).

12. Itzel Reyes - Frontball (Basque Pelota).

13. Marifer Noriega - Rubber paddle (Basque Pelota).

14. Ariana Cepeda and Ximena Placito - Frontenis (Basque Pelota).

fifteen. Mayan Oliver - Individual (Modern Pentathlon).

16. Mayan Oliver and Mayran Oliver - Relay (Modern Pentathlon).

17. Paola Longoria - Singles (Racquetball).

18. Paola Longoria, Montserrat Mejía and Alexandra Herrera - Teams (Racquetball).

19. Kenya Lettuce - A pair of short oars (Remo).

twenty. Paola Naranjo - 49 kg Kyorugi (Taekwondo).

twenty-one. Leslie Soltero - 67 kg Kyorugi (Taekwondo).

22. Alejandra Zavala - 25 meter pistol (Shooting).

23. Alejandra Zavala - 10 meter Air Pistol (Shooting).

24. Alejandra Valencia - Individual recurve (Archery).

25. Dafne Quintero - Individual compound (Archery).

26. Lizeth Rueda - Individual (Triathlon).

27. Peón M. Aguilar - Sailing board - iQFoil (Sailing).


1. Laura Galv√°n - 10,000 meters (Athletics).

2. Daniela Gaxiola - Keirin (Track Cycling).

3. María Antonieta Gaxiola and Yarely Salazar - Madison (Track Cycling).

4. Paola Verdugo - Speed ‚Äč‚Äč(Track Cycling).

5. Victoria Velazco, Yarely Salazar, Maria Antonieta Gaxiola and Yareli Acevedo - Team pursuit (Track Cycling).

6. Alejandra Orozco - 10 meter platform (Nailed).

7. Arantxa Ch√°vez - 3 meter springboard (Nailed).

8. Julia Gutiérrez, Ana Flores, Kimberly Salazar, Adirem Tejeda and Dalia Alcocer - 3 Ribbons and 2 Balls (Rhythmic Gymnastics).

9. Julia Gutiérrez, Ana Flores, Kimberly Salazar, Adirem Tejeda and Dalia Alcocer - Joint general (Rhythmic Gymnastics).

10. Julia Gutiérrez, Ana Flores, Kimberly Salazar, Adirem Tejeda and Dalia Alcocer - 5 Hoops (Rhythmic Gymnastics).

eleven. Edna Carrillo - 48 kg (Judo).

12. Paulina Martínez - 52 kg (Judo).

13. María Mata - 200 meters butterfly (Swimming).

14. Dulce Figueroa and Laura Puentes - Doubles Ratchet (Basque Pelota).

fifteen. Mayran Oliver - Individual (Modern Pentathlon).

16. Montserrat Mejía - Individual (Racquetball).

17. Victoria Heredia, Fabiola Villegas and Leslie Soltero - Team Kyorugi (Taekwondo).

18. Gabriela Rodríguez - Skeet (Shot).

19. Aida Rom√°n, √Āngela Ruiz and Alejandra Valencia - Recurve teams (Archery).


1. Mariel Fregoso and Miriam Rodríguez - Doubles - (Badminton).

2. Iliana Lomelí and Sandra Góngora - Doubles (Bowling).

3. Sandra Góngora - Individual (Bowling).

4. Citlali Ortiz - 75 kg (Boxing).

5. Beatriz Briones - k1 500 meters (Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčCanoeing).

6. Julieta Toledo - Individual saber (Fencing).

7. Nataly Michel, Denisse Hern√°ndez and Melissa Rebolledo - Team foil (Fencing).

8. Natalia Botello, Diana Gonz√°lez and Julieta Toledo - Team saber (Fencing).

9. Natalia Escalera - Vault (Artistic Gymnastics).

10. Dafne Navarro - Individual (Trampoline Gymnastics).

eleven. Dafne Navarro and Mariola García - Synchronized (Trampoline Gymnastics).

12. Prisca Awiti - 63 kg (Judo).

13. Sofía Revilak, Fernanda Jiménez, María Mata, Andrea Sansores, Miriam Guevara, Miranda Grana, Athena Meneses and Melissa Rodríguez - 4x100 meters combined relay (Swimming).

14. Montserrat Mejía and Alexandra Herrera - Doubles (Racquetball).

fifteen. Devanih Plata, María García, Belén Mercado and Maite Arrillaga - Four without helmsman (Rowing).

16. Cecilia Lee Kim - Individual Poomsae (Taekwondo).

17. Victoria Heredia - 67 kg (Taekwondo).

18. Andrea Becerra and Dafne Quintero - Composite Teams (Archery).

19. Rosa María Tapia - Individual (Triathlon).

twenty. Vega de Lille D. - Sailing board - iQFoil (Sailing).

twenty-one. Mexican women's team - 3-2 Vs Argentina (Volleyball).


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