Mexican and Argentine blood, united

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Last June, The Fabulous Cadillacs made history in CDMX when they packed the Zócalo, but last night, their concert was exactly as fun and emotional. The difference is that now there were 18 thousand souls who gathered to immerse themselves in a sound carnival in which Argentine sounds and the influence of Mexican culture come together in one voice.

After an instrumental intro that seemed to be just to loosen the joints, Los Cadillacs started with what they do best: drive Mexicans crazy, and they did not hesitate to start their return to the Palacio de los Deportes with My girlfriend fell into a blind well.

Of course, from the first note the audience got up from their seats and with their voices accompanied Vicentico in a huge chorus, which continued with Carmelawhich arrived with a shower of yellow lights.

Last June, Los Fabulosos made it clear that they are a band that packs the place where they perform, at that time it was the Zócalo in Mexico City, yesterday, in the Palacio de los Deportes, there was not room for a single more soul, both The track and the stands were completely packed and feeling the heat of the atmosphere and that of other people was not an impediment to enjoying with I'm sick of seeing you with others.

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And then the noise was present in the Iztacalco mayor's office when he arrived Manuel Santillán, El Leónwith which the public did not waste a single note to bring out their best steps to dance with the Argentines and continued giving the dance with Too much pressure.

Vicentico, who initially appeared properly dressed in a black jacket, when he arrived 5th Anniversaryhe couldn't stand the temperature for a moment longer and took off it, leaving himself in a sleeveless shirt and with his dark glasses firmly on.

It was the turn of one of LFC's most representative songs. The genius of dub It became that song that kept the energy stable among the audience that lowered its intensity a little, just to recharge their batteries because during the first half hour of the show, the Argentines gave no respite.

After a couple of days ago Mr. Flavio went to charge the pyramids of Teotihuacán with energy, he showed the result by giving his audience a moving and emotional interpretation of Skulls and devilsjust a few days after the Day of the Dead was celebrated in Mexico.

Let's dance to the rhythm of the lion, good night, good night,” Vicentico sang repeatedly to greet his audience, who he asked to follow him with the lyrics of the song that Flavio started, while Sergio Rotman did his thing on the sax.

The damned placed on the screens a series of candles in tribute to those whose song is sung, making it clear that for Argentines one of the things they like most about Mexico is its culture, which with each visit over the years has nourished its music.

The Cadillacs are family, not only with their audience, but with each other, and proof is the presence on stage of Florián, on guitar and Astor on percussion, sons of Vicentico and Flavio, with whom they shared last night and Today's.

Blue jacket, Very, very early and Number 2 on your list They were part of the sound feast that the Argentines gave to their fans, who dressed in caps, t-shirts and jackets from the band's merchandise - official and not - showed their loyalty.

A shower of white lights illuminated the Sports Palace and danced to the rhythm of Broken bottles, Letters, flowers and a dagger, I have only two ways to be close to heaven, I want to die and revolution rocksongs that came together in a mashup with which Los Cadillacs tried to cover the greatest number of songs in their repertoire.

And with a different introduction, they surprised their followers when the first notes of Following the moon sounded, a classic that is impossible for fans not to sing at the top of their lungs, while Vicentico makes space for the 18 thousand people who saw them, listened to them and of course recorded them with their cell phones.

“We are going to dance all night,” echoed throughout the Palace while Gypsy made his appearance and made the bailongo so tasty that the venue moved... the same trend continued while Carnival all life It brought out all the Argentineness of the band.

When the percussions are the ones that open a song, good things can happen, like the audience singing at the top of their lungs. Stinker. “This Mexico, this Mexico,” Vicentico urged the audience to shout out “peace in the world.”

And again a small dose of percussion called to the Bullfighter on the scene, that song that in the 90s brought Los Cadillacs to the MTV music channel and with it their resounding rise to the mainstreambut in the Palace it is that song that takes an entire generation to its adolescence and the discovery of music of denunciation.

After a brief pause, the band returned to the stage only to pay tribute to their own blood, which in Florián and Astor was playing with them. You know.

Hospital silence announced the beginning of the end... an ending that everyone expected, because it was the best, but no one wanted it. So Empty glasses inspired many to fill theirs with beer; The satanic Dr. Cadillac sent some beer glasses flying on the track, but I wouldn't sit at your table and his chorus left the audience ecstatic. Today the dose is repeated.

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