Mexican agents find 415 migrants in the state of Sonora | News

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Mexican authorities reported on Monday that agents of the National Guard and the National Migration Institute (INM) who patrol the border of the Aztec country with the United States have found 415 immigrants in the last two weeks, of them 67 minors, 19 countries in various parts of the state of Sonora.


Mexican authorities rescue 23 migrants

In a joint statement, both institutions highlighted that in the last 15 days, border forces redoubled surveillance on the Hermosillo-Nogales highway in the Santa Ana municipality, as well as in the arrivals halls of the Hermosillo International Airport.

The National Guard and the INM indicated that the agents, who carried out security, surveillance and crime prevention tasks, searched several buses, passengers and cargo vehicles, as well as the lounges of the air terminal, where they located 308 men, 107 women and 67 minors.

The immigrants were citizens of several countries such as Albania, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Ghana, Guinea, Honduras, India, Mauritania, Nepal, Nicaragua, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Congo and El Salvador, although not amounts were given for each nationality.

Since they did not have documentation to prove their legal stay in Mexico, the foreigners were transferred to secure INM facilities where they received food and medical care, as well as legal advice to legalize their status in the country.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) presented a report last Friday that showed that the variety of nationalities of migrants who cross Mexico to reach the United States is increasing, since after the Covid-19 pandemic has described a new wave of migration in the region.

Likewise, it emerged that they are willing to pay between 6,000 and 12,000 dollars to reach the United States, often going to traffickers who profit from their desperation, which is why a call was made to create regular and safer routes for emigration to thus avoiding the death of people

After the repeal of Title 42 of the US immigration law, Mexico is experiencing an uptick in the migratory flow, with hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing the country in multiple ways.

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