Metro with new fares and super fines for payment evaders and door jumpers

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Metro will begin implementing new fare barriers designed to stop fare evaders.

The new 55-inch-tall doors were installed overnight at the Fort Totten Metro station on the Red Line in northeast DC, greeting passengers on their journey Tuesday. The entrance gates will also be installed at the Pentagon City station.

The main purpose of the new facilities is to deter gate jumpers and other fare evaders.

“Over the last few months, our team has been testing different prototypes to arrive at this final design. We have already seen a reduction in fare evasion and we expect the taller gates to be more of a deterrent,” said Metro CEO and CEO Randy Clarke, in a press release .

The new gates come with stricter enforcement as Metro aims to reduce an estimated loss of $40 million per year they face due to fee evasion.

The first phase of the installations will take place at the Bethesda, Vienna, Mt. Vernon Square, Addison Road, Congress Heights, Wheaton, Federal Center SW and Court House stations, according to a news release.

He cost of travel on Metro trains it ranges from $1 to $6 per trip. The transit system has reduced fare services for seniors, people with disabilities, low income passengers and visitors from out of town.

There's also signs posted around stations with heavy fines for those who jump the front doors. Metro Transit Police will continue to impose civil fines ranging from $50 to $100 if someone is caught evading the train fare.

In March, Metro tested prototypes of "living room doors" of new rate gates before deciding on the new installation.

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