Metro removes mask mandate from Los Angeles transit

After the annulment of the mandatory use of masks in air travel and transportation, Metro announced that it will alienate such determination.

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After Federal Judge Kathryn Kimball struck down the domestic travel mask mandate, The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) announced that it will lift its requirement on all its bus and train lines.

“After a devastating winter surge that threatened the integrity of our health care system, the county now enjoys low community levels of COVID-19,” said Metro Board Chair Hilda Solis.

A) Yes, Metro announced today that, effective immediately, face coverings are no longer required on all bus and train lines operating in Los Angeles County.although the suggestion of its use is still valid.

“With more tools at our disposal to combat this virus, including increased availability of vaccines, tests and therapeutics, the County can continue to move toward its new normal. However, it is important to recognize that we are still living in a pandemic, therefore the use of face masks on public transport will continue to be recommended to keep ourselves and those around us safe. I urge our residents to continue to be vigilant and take care of one another as we move forward."

Metro's decision to make face masks optional and continue to encourage their use is consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which still recommends that people continue to wear masks in closed public transportation settings.

Uber joined the list of airlines and public transport agencies that no longer require their passengers and drivers to wear masks on a mandatory basis.. The company's mask requirement was lifted Tuesday, but Uber said riders and drivers still have the option to wear a mask.

Amtrak also loosened restrictions, saying passengers and employees don't have to wear masks on trains or at stations.

During the period of the federal mask requirement, Metro saw 95 percent voluntary compliance with the requirement. As part of its previous efforts to ensure safe transit travel during the pandemic, Metro has installed face mask dispensers at major transit hubs and distributed free masks to riders throughout the Los Angeles County region.

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