Metro Los Angeles will offer free rides this Friday to celebrate Earth Day

Users will be able to use Metro LA service this Friday for free.

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To celebrate Earth Day, Metro Los Angeles will offer this Friday, April 22, free trips on Metro and Metrolink, as well as free access to its public bicycle system.

The free Metro service, which runs throughout Los Angeles County, will be from 3:00 am on Friday until 2:59 am on Saturday.

During this time, bus fare boxes will be deactivated and all train station fare gates will remain open.

The transit agency encourages Los Angeles residents to take advantage of the public transportation system to reduce the number of cars on the roads, which impacts a decrease in greenhouse gases.

New Metro users or those who have not used the service in a long time, can use the Transit app for iPhone and Android phones to plan their trips.

The LA Metro system has 119 bus lines, 6 rail lines and over 200 bike share stations in Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, North Hollywood and the Westside.

Metro uses trains that run on electricitywhile the Line G (Orange) buses have zero-emission electric units.

Line J (Silver) is currently in the process of switching to all-electric units, while Metro Los Angeles's goal is to have a completely zero emissions fleet by 2030.

Most of the buses that Metro offers public transportation service run on compressed natural gas as fuel.

For use of Metro Bike Share bike shares, “1-Ride” must be selected at any kiosk, online, or on the Metro Bike Share app and enter promo code 042222. This code can be redeemed multiple times throughout the day.

Metrolink, whose lines run throughout Southern California, will also offer free transportation on Earth Day.

“Taking the train for free this Earth Day is a win for both riders and the environment,” said Metrolink CEO Darren Kettle.

"With free rides and a new expanded schedule to get everyone where they want to go, we hope people make a small change to their travel routine to make a bigger impact on air quality in Southern California."

Metrolink train service is available in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and North San Diego counties.

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