Meta faces problems; the technology company prepares more layoffs

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Meta, the company behind Facebook, is preparing to make layoffs at its Reality Labs division unit, focused on developing custom silicon for the metaverse, according to inside sources. They could affect plans to improve your augmented reality.

Affected employees were notified of the layoffs via a message on Meta Workplace's internal discussion forum on Tuesday. According to one of the sources, it is expected that they will be informed of their situation in the company in the next few hours.

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So far, Meta has not provided comment on the details of these layoffs and upcoming restructuring plans at the silicon unit, known as the Facebook Agile Silicon Team (FAST).

If the cuts prove significant, they could have an impact on Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg's project to build augmented and virtual reality products that provide access to a set of immersive virtual worlds known as the "metaverse."

However, Meta has faced challenges in manufacturing chips capable of competing with those produced by third-party suppliers.

Silicon Group Restructuring It was expected since springwhen Meta named a new executive to lead the unit.

At its recent annual Connect conference, Meta announced new versions of its consumer-grade Quest smart glasses and headsets, including the long-awaited Quest 3.

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According to a source, the company is also working on more technically advanced and less bulky augmented reality glasses, which would more closely resemble conventional glasses, along with corresponding smartwatches. The first version of this product could be ready next year, although it is not planned to be offered to consumers immediately, according to the source.

Since November of last year, Meta has completed 21 thousand layoffs in an effort to control costs amid slowing revenue growth, high inflation and concerns about losses at Reality Labs.

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With information from Reuters.


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