Messi's wife sends "strength" to the PSG goalkeeper who is hospitalized after falling from a horse; How is he doing?

In the middle of her trip to Barcelona with her husband Lionel Messi, where they enjoyed a Coldplay concert, Antonella Roccuzzo he took time to show solidarity with Alba Silva, the wife of Sergio Rico, the substitute goalkeeper for psgwho is hospitalized because he fell from a horse and suffered a head injury.

Through a comment on social networks, Messi's wife joined the grief the couple is going through and sent a positive message about the situation.

The comment He did so in the moving publication by Alba Silva, where she implores her husband to continue fighting for her life: “Don't leave me alone, my love, because I swear I can't, nor do I know how to live without you. We are waiting for you my life, we love you so much," he wrote.

After this, Roccuzzo sent him his solidarity and good wishes with a brief but forceful message: "Force", wrote the sentimental couple of Messiwho He is a PSG teammate of the hospitalized goalkeeper.

How is Sergio Rico doing?

According to information from EFE, what is known this Thursday about the goalkeeper is that remains stable, sedated, closely watched and monitored in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Virgen del Rocío hospital in Seville, where he was admitted last Sunday due to serious head injuries.

Sources from the health center informed the news agency that the Sevillian goalkeeper remains in that state "after 72 hours of evolution in the ICU", where he remains "stable within the severity of his injuries".

"He continues under the effects of sedation, with close surveillance and monitoring, being cared for by the Intensive Medicine team in consensus with other specialists in a multidisciplinary way," the same sources indicated.

Alba Silva, wife of the goalkeeper, thanked the displays of affection

Within the sadness that she is experiencing due to the situation, the goalkeeper's wife thanked that they are surrounded by people who have expressed their good wishes and recalled the strength of her partner to get ahead: "Sergio has a lot of people praying for him and he is very strong".

At the same time, it is also known that the family requested, through the press service of the Sevillian hospital, that, from now on, "they do not wish to make any type of statement in this very complicated situation that they are experiencing."

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