Messi, in a talk with Zidane: “I was from Madrid”

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Zinedine Zidane and Lionel Messi They chatted in Miami (United States) within the framework of an event organized by Adidas. The Frenchman considered that the current Inter Miami forward is “pure magic” and that there are very few like him, adding, laughing, “well... one.”

“There is one word: magic. That's what I like. We are not together every day, but it is an important day for me to tell him the admiration I have for him. For me it is pure magic. For me, who understands football, seeing one on the field, I almost knew what I was going to see, the connection,” Zidane said in his conversation with Messi.

“Those players are few. There is, but like him, no. There are very few, well... one,” he added, laughing with Messi, most likely referring to the Portuguese. Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Among these compliments from the French towards the Argentine, Messi also wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and confess how much he admires Zidane: “I admire you a lot, we were not lucky enough to play together, we did face each other a little. "I always respect and admire what you did and continued to do," said Messi, who added that for him "he is one of the greatest in history, I always admired him, I followed him a lot in Madrid, I suffered because I was from Madrid." ”. “He was always a player. Different, elegant, tall, magic, he had everything,” the Argentine wanted to conclude.

In the talk, Zidane and Messi told anecdotes about their careers. The Frenchman highlighted his admiration for the Uruguayan Enzo Francescoli and told the reason why he ended up wearing Real Madrid's number 5.

"TO Florentino Perez They don't like players with 25, or 30. For him, the goalkeeper is 1, and you continue like that with the numbers. The president says 'that's not football, that's American football, please.' It was the first day and I said yes (about number 5). And now it's history for me. 10, good, and 5 too. From the 21st, at Juve, I don't remember much,” he said.

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