Mercury moves into Gemini: how your zodiac sign is affected

During the following days it is possible that the signs of the zodiac begin to feel more sociable, intelligent and insightful than usual, this is because Mercury has reached Gemini where it will remain from June 11 to 26, 2023.

This is a harmonious transit because Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, which means it feels "comfortable" with the Gemini vibe. This star of the Solar System governs communication, cognitive function, memory and intellect, on her part, Gemini governs curiosity, mind and language.

They have energies that are associated with each other resulting in a enormous potential to satisfy our needs and abilities of expression. Now you will want the world to know what you think, so you will be more receptive to interacting with people. However, Mercury in Gemini does not hit everyone in the same way. According to the horoscope, this is how it will affect the zodiac signs.

With Mercury in Gemini you will quickly accept social commitments and reconnect with people who inspire you. You will have the necessary energy to meet all the appointments on your agenda.

Mercury in Gemini will help you develop your sense of confidence, resourcefulness, and self-sufficiency. This means that it will be weeks to increase your income, if you use the potential of your mind.

As the protagonist of this transit, you will receive an explosion of intelligence, communication skills and confidence. It is a good time to express your great ideas and manifest your true identity.

Your sign will want to stay away from meetings during Mercury in Gemini. It is not a transit that makes you feel comfortable, after all, you thrive more at home, however, it is a good time to spend time with yourself.

Mercury in Gemini will make you feel more inspired to find valuable personal relationships, as well as trends that will complement your future dreams. It is a good time to manifest your desires.

While Mercury is in the territories of Gemini you will have a greater sense of authority and knowledge. Take advantage of this image to present ambitious ideas and plans. The world will want to work with you.

Mercury is placed in a companion to the air element, which means that you long to find deep meaning in your life. This is a good time to reconnect with your faith, learn new things, and collect valuable experiences.

Mercury in Gemini will force you to have deep conversations with people you trust. These might push you to the limits, but you will be able to resolve misunderstandings and problems. It will also help you pay off debts.

With Mercury in Gemini it will lead you to analyze which personal relationships are beneficial to you, and vice versa. You will find allies on your journey through life and you will see a reflection of yourself in them.

The path of Mercury through Gemini encourages you to improve your well-being, that is, find more efficient routines and diets for your health. The horoscope recommends you visit your doctor, a review would not be unnecessary.

Mercury in Gemini will be very positive for your sign. It will inspire you to express yourself in creative ways, which means, you will also be more flirtatious than usual. Suitors who fall for your charms, you will not lack.

With Mercury in Gemini you may feel sentimental, this will cause you to analyze what things are needed to feel more warmth at home. Making family plans will help you channel this energy.

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