Men are more likely to suffer a heart attack and die: Specialist

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Currently, in Mexico heart attacks occur after the age of 50, said Marcelo Ramírez Mendoza, head of the Cardiology Service at the General Hospital of Mexico, in an interview with Excelsior.

This is due to the fact that these patients - who are in a productive stage of their life - suffer arterial damage from smoking at younger ages, and also from the increase in chronic degenerative diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, which are not controlled.

According to INEGI, last year, heart attacks represented 76.4% of total deaths as a result of cardiovascular diseases.

In this regard, the specialist pointed out that men have a greater propensity to suffer a heart attack and lose their life.

“What has us very concerned is that these conditions are occurring in increasingly younger populations. We see patients aged 50 or 55 with extensive arterial damage and this is a consequence of the fact that in the past they were exposed to risk factors such as early initiation of smoking.

“In addition, they started with very early diabetes, with cholesterol alterations, with inappropriate dietary habits, which is very quickly leading them to these types of outcomes. We can say that what is worrying us is from 50 years onwards, but it does not mean that it does not exist before,” explained Marcelo Ramírez Mendoza.

On World Heart Day, which is commemorated on September 29, the cardiologist added that the situation is worsening because the symptoms of diabetes and high blood pressure already begin to appear from the age of 40.

And if these patients do not receive adequate treatment, in an average of 7 years, they could begin to develop cardiovascular disease.

“If a person starts with diabetes at the age of 40 and does not have adequate control of their disease, has high glucose levels and other added factors such as smoking or high cholesterol, it will greatly reduce the time in which a condition begins. cardiovascular and may take 5 or 7 years.

“The patient who is only diabetic, who does not smoke, who does not have high blood pressure or cholesterol problems, may take 20 years to develop cardiovascular disease,” he explained.

The head of the Cardiology Service of the General Hospital of Mexico pointed out that heart health must be taken care of from the first years of life, because in addition to poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, the genetic load that can result in a heart condition must also be considered. cardiovascular disease, which can be prevented.

“This World Heart Day should serve to raise awareness among the population that it is possible to prevent cardiovascular disease.

“And this is achieved by addressing aspects such as living in a healthier way, exercising, not smoking and treating conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure,” indicated cardiologist Marcelo Ramírez Mendoza.


In our country, cardiovascular diseases continue to be the main cause of death.

Last year, deaths were recorded in the population between 45 and 55 years of age.

“For several years, heart disease has been one of the main causes of death among the Mexican population.

“Among these, the ischemic ones stand out, that is, the reduction of blood flow to the heart due to partial or total blockage of the arteries, which have a high incidence among the population that dies after the age of 45,” stated the INEGI in its preliminary results of the Statistics of Registered Deaths (EDR) corresponding to 2022.

The total number of deaths caused by heart diseases was 200,535, in which there was a reduction of 24,914 cases compared to 2021. While 53.38% of the deaths were registered in men and 46.60% in women.

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