Memphis Depay is already training with Atlético de Madrid | Video

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The Dutch striker Memphis DePay trained this Thursday under the orders of Diego Simeone, technical director of the Atletico Madridin the absence of the official announcement of his transfer from the FC Barcelona.

The attacker exercised at the same pace as the group, as observed in the first 15 minutes open to the media, on field 1 of the Sports City of Majadahondaafter arriving in Madrid this morning and passing the pertinent medical examination with his new team, with which he has committed himself until 2025 and could debut this Saturday against Real Valladolid in the Metropolitan.

During the first part of the session, the Dutch international teamed up in exercises with the Belgian midfielder Axel Witsellin which only the substitute footballers from last night's duel participated, valid for the Copa del Rey Round of 16, against Levante at the Ciudad de Valencia Stadium, with the casualties of Jose Maria Gimenezwho did not jump into the field, and Yannick Carrascowho worked apart from his colleagues.

Both the Uruguayan central defender, out against Levante due to injury and suspension, and the Belgian winger, who has missed the last two games due to muscle strain, are Simeone's doubts for Saturday's match against Valladolid, in which he has certain absences for Sanction for Stefan Savic and Sergio Reguilón.

(With information from EFE)

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