Meloni describes France’s reaction as “aggressive” and calls for European solutions to immigration

The French government has announced retaliation against Italy after its government refused to take in a humanitarian ship with 237 migrants on board.

A group of migrants, including several children, sitting on the rail of the Ocean Viking


The Italian Prime Minister, the far-right Giorgia Meloni, today described France’s reaction as “aggressive” and “disproportionate” after Italy rejected the reception of the 237 migrants aboard a humanitarian ship that have landed in that country and asked ” a European solution” to the migratory problem. Paris has announced retaliation for the attitude of the Italian government.

“The Ocean Viking that has docked in a French port today is the first NGO ship to do so in France and is carrying 234 migrants, which has generated a very harsh reaction from a nation, Italy, which since the beginning of the year has received almost 90,000 migrants in its national territory,” Meloni told a news conference in Rome.

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The arrival in France of the Ocean Viking, which docked this Friday at the French naval base in Toulon (southeast), has generated a conflict between Paris and Rome over the Italian government’s rejection of the ship disembarking migrants in its territory to proceed then to a distribution between several European countries.

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