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The First Bilateral Meeting of Prosecutors from Bolivia and Argentina was held in the Argentine city of Salta, where judicial officials who work on the border of both countries discussed the tools to work in the fight against drug trafficking and human trafficking.


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At the meeting, they tried to identify "good practices" to make it possible to confront organized crime in a timely and effective manner, for which emphasis was placed on the use of international cooperation tools, according to the Argentine Public Prosecutor's Office.

The head of the General Directorate for Regional and International Cooperation of the Argentine federal Public Prosecutor's Office, Diego Solernó, was satisfied with the result of the conference.

“We have managed to discuss issues of international cooperation in complex crimes, such as drug trafficking, human trafficking and other different criminal phenomena. We also address in more detail the different application tools in specific cases between Argentina and Bolivia”, he indicated.

He highlighted as "the most relevant" the participation of prosecutors from each of the borders, both from Tartagal, Orán and Jujuy, from the city of Salta, and from the Narcocrime Prosecutor's Office of the Argentine Northwest (Procunar NOA).

"Everyone talking about the cooperation they have in the area of ​​drug trafficking, with which we are happy with the results that will surely deepen relations between the two countries," he added.

In addition, the Attorney General Eduardo Villalba, from the Salta Fiscal Unit, and the assistant prosecutor Mariana Gamba, from the Procunar NOA, participated as speakers. Also present were the prosecutors from Orán and Jujuy, José Luis Bruno and Federico Zurueta, and the assistant prosecutor from Tartagal, Rafael Lamas.

The head of the International Affairs Unit of the Bolivian State Attorney General's Office, Grisel Arancibia Gutiérrez, highlighted the importance of the meeting "because it has managed to unite the Bolivian and Argentine prosecutors who work on the border."

The event was organized by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime of Bolivia together with the General Directorate for Regional and International Cooperation of the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office and the Procunar NOA.

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