Meet the team that will represent Mexico in the Central American Games

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the dominican rainel rosariogardener of the Saraperos of Saltillo of the Mexican Baseball League (LMB)leads the list of the Mexico team that will dispute the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

Enrique 'Che' Reyesthe team's coach, announced this Wednesday to the 24 playersall from the LMB ninths, who will seek to give the country its first gold medal in the baseball tournament.

rosary beadsa 34-year-old naturalized Mexican, was the player who most home runs and most runs batted in last season of the Mexican League by taking the ball 38 times from the field and sending 116 teammates to the register.

Together with the Dominican, Reyes chose another naturalized to integrate the payroll, the Cuban Yoanner Negrinpitcher of the Yucatan Lions.

Another prominent player is Wilmer Rioswho was the pitcher with the most victories last season in the two baseball circuits in Mexico, the LMB and the Mexican Pacific League.

Mexicans come from achieving a historic third place in the past World Classicwith a roster made up mostly of players from Big leaguesso this team, without any of the main figures in the country, should aspire to at least be in the podium in El Salvador.

Here we leave the complete list from Enrique Reyes:

Alexis Wilson (Quintana Roo Tigers) and Fernando Flores (Tijuana Bulls).

Víctor Mendoza (Sultans of Monterrey), Jasson Atondo (Olmecs of Tabasco), Emmanuel Ávila (Warriors of Oaxaca), Moisés Gutiérrez (Red Devils of Mexico), Edson García (Acereros de Monclova) and Héctor Mora (El Águila de Veracruz).

Norberto Obeso (Leones de Yucatán), Randy Romero (Mariachis from Guadalajara), Rainel Rosario (Saraperos de Saltillo) and Fernando Villegas (Saraperos de Saltillo).

Wilmer Ríos (Acereros de Monclova), Alexandro Tovalín and Yoanner Negrín (Leones de Yucatán), David Gutiérrez (Olmecas de Tabasco), Juan Gámez (Sultanes de Monterrey), Francisco Haro (Pirates of Campeche), Luis Fernando Miranda (Mariachis de Guadalajara ), Aldo Montes (Algodoneros del Unión Laguna), Arturo López and Fabián Cota (Diablos Rojos del México), Faustino Carrera (Toros de Tijuana) and Samuel Zazueta (El Águila de Veracruz).

(With information from EFE)

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