McDonald’s and Wendy’s announce breakfast deals as workers return to the office


Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s generated $35,000 from breakfast sales alone in 2020.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

More and more employees have had to return to their jobs in personwhich is why several fast food chains decided to launch a series of discounts and promotions to make breakfast more bearable for Americans.

According to various analysts, breakfast is the most profitable part of the day for the industry restaurateur, although it has not managed to recover to the sales levels it had before the start of the 2020 pandemic.

McMuffins, Baconators, and a variety of coffee concoctions and donuts helped generate $35 billion in breakfast sales of fast food in 2020, according to research by Credit Suisse.

The analysis also noted that breakfast generates more repeat business than any other part of the day.

Although the breakfast business has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels, it has recovered faster than other meals: customer traffic at fast food restaurants increased 11% in 2021according to the National Restaurant Association, an industry trade group.

To keep things moving, many of the food chains have invested in technology that can reduce waiting times or have stepped up rewards programs and special offers.

McDonald’s, for example, offers coffee, hot or iced tea, of any size, for 99 cents. But it must be ordered through the app.

Branded apps not only increase efficiency by allowing customers to order ahead; also produce a constant stream of data that makes it easy for restaurants to provide them with a constant stream of targeted promotions.

McDonald’s, who is credited with putting fast food breakfast on the map more than 50 years ago when it introduced the Egg McMuffin, it still owns the AM, with about 27 percent of customer traffic, according to foodservice consultancy Technomic.

But the competition is gaining strength. After multiple failures, Wendy’s reintroduced its morning menu in March 2020with biscuit sandwiches, fresh eggs, and the Baconator breakfast: sausage, bacon, a fried egg, and two layers of cheese, all drizzled with cheese sauce on a bun.

Other restaurants like Taco Bell and convenience stores including 7-Eleven and Wawa also offer low-cost breakfast sandwiches, two-for-one deals, and coffee discounts.

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