MCCI discovers that, in Tabasco, AMLO entrusts public works to a friend of his son Andy

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Mexico.- In his 2018 campaign, López Obrador promised to build a linear park in the section of the Grijalva river that runs through the capital of Tabasco. This work, called by the president himself as "the Malecón de Villahermosa", was entrusted to Alejandro Castro Jiménez Labora, a businessman from Mexico City who belongs to the circle of friends of Andrés López Beltrán, AMLO's second son.

"There will be no cronyism, nepotism and influentialism," said López Obrador on December 1, 2018, when he assumed the presidency of Mexico. More recently, on January 31, after the publication of the report on "La Casa Gris" in MCCI and in LatinUS, AMLO assured: "My children have no influence in this government."

However, at least 12 friends of Gonzalo and Andy López Beltrán, sons of the president, have joined the government. The newspaper Eje Central published on October 21, the cases of 10 former classmates of the López Beltrán from the Logos school and UNAM, who have found accommodation in the federal government. months before, the columnist Mario Maldonado and the site Political Animal they had advanced the first names of some friends who became civil servants.

Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI) obtained photographs that demonstrate the bond of friendship of these officials with the president's children, and obtained the data of two other former schoolmates who also hold positions in the current federal administration. The list of friends can be seen in a graph attached to this report. To all those friends is now added the person in charge of the supervision of the Villahermosa boardwalk.

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Source: Mexicans against Corruption and Impunity

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