McCartney 2023/11/18 | Excelsior

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  • Half a century later, his songs continue to light the flame of millions of souls.

The chilanga night acquired an absolute halo of nostalgia and magic this week. Between the flashing lights, the gigantic screens and a Foro Sol like urban stars, the legendary Paul MCCARTNEY It stands as a beacon of music that has withstood all the elements of the weather. At 81 years old, the eternal Beatle, the genius who, together with his Liverpool colleagues, revolutionized the world's music scene, appears before us with the grace and vitality of an eternal young man.

At 81 years old, the legendary Paul MCCARTNEY He revolutionized the Foro Sol. His hands still bring magic to his Höfner bass, and his voice rises clear and moving.

Half a century later, his songs continue to light the flame of millions of souls. McCartney sweats old rock and surprising vitality. She vibrates her body to the rhythm of I Saw Her Standing There, as if he were a boy hungry for dreams and life. And that was, and continues to be, his legacy with The Beatles: reformulating music from irreverence, but also reformulating social formulas by opening minds and breaking down taboos with pacifist anthems like Let it be either Imagine.

On stage, the history of half a century. The Beatles sowed the seeds of a revolution that is still underway and that today has found echo and flourishing in the global drive to respect human rights, in the empowerment of civil society, in the recognition of all forms of love. At the crossroads of the '60s, they not only created songs, but wove a sonic tapestry that embraced pacifism and advocated for progressive agendas, setting a course that has been followed by generations to come, reminding us that peace and mutual acceptance continue. being universal desires. The surprising vitality of Paul McCartney, which defies the passage of years, is more than a sample of good genetics. It is the physical manifestation of a man who has found in music not only his art, but also his source of youth, his manifest destiny, his responsibility towards history and living beings (not only with the human race, but with animals). and the planet). As if each chord played were an elixir that rejuvenates the spirit, the maestro demonstrates that love for what one does is the very essence of eternity.

Thus, between the fireworks, the chords and the singing of 65 thousand throats, Paul MCCARTNEY, the sound architect of dreams, continues to weave his legacy. A gift for him, yes, but also for us, who continue to witness music that transcends, that inspires, and that, like an anthem of hope, reminds us that “all you need is love.”


What good news that Ocesa and Ticketmaster are so absolutely determined to improve (and quickly) the experience of those of us who attend these fantastic events. And from what I know, very soon all ticketing experiences will be fully digital, with the necessary locks to prevent resale, fraud and looting. Because Mexico has to live up to the great shows it has practically week after week, especially when we meet again after the end of the pandemic.

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