MC presents impeachment suit against interim governor of Nuevo León for usurpation of functions

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Mexico.- The coordinator of the MC Parliamentary Group, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, presented a demand for impeachment against Arturo Salinas Garza, for usurpation of functions, illegal attribution of powers and for violating the Constitution, when protesting the interim governor of Nuevo León .

He highlighted that yesterday Wednesday the Congress of Nuevo León approved the license of Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda, to separate from his position for six months and at the same time appointed as interim president the president of the Superior Court of Justice of Nuevo León, Salinas Garza, who illegally surrendered protest the same night.

In statements to media representatives, accompanied by Representative Julieta Mejía Ibáñez (MC), Álvarez Máynez went to the General Secretariat of the Chamber of Deputies to present this demand for impeachment.

Furthermore, he stated that a person who flagrantly violates the Constitution in this way cannot lead the Judiciary of a state. In addition, “he has demonstrated a partisan interest, he has demonstrated a bias in his resolutions and we cannot allow this vulture coup that is happening in New Lion".

Furthermore, he clarified that in Nuevo León there is no vacuum, since it has a constitutional governor legitimately and legally elected at the polls by the majority of citizens; “The PRI and the PAN cannot abrogate the right to take over a governorship, much less put it in the hands of the person who also presides over the Judiciary.”

He considered that this is “one of the worst legal frauds in the history of the Republic, in contemporary history.”

He warned that they will fight this decision by all means, "and a means that is within our reach as deputies and Mexican citizens is the impeachment trial that we are submitting today and that no, we are not going to limit ourselves to going to other instances." "by other legal and political means to stop this outrage, this constitutional coup in which the PRI deputies in Nuevo León and the president of the state's Superior Court of Justice are committing."

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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