Mbappé is valued between 160 and 180 million euros

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sign to kylian mbappe24 years old and with a one-year contract with PSG, would cost between 160 and 180 million eurosaccording to the main organizations and websites for estimating the market value of a footballer.

The CIES Football Observatory rates the player, removed from PSG for refusing to renew until 2025, at 163.2 million euros, taking into account that he only has one year left on his contract.

An estimate that would shoot up to 261.8 million in the event that the contractual relationship of the player was three years or more. Two of the reference websites of the transfer market, transfer markt and Football Benchmark, provide similar figures, around 180 million.

PSG will wait until July 31, the deadline that President Nasser Al-Khelaifi gave the Bondy footballer to know if it renews until 2025, to begin evaluating offers.

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In any case, Mbappé I would have to accept being traded, something that he has publicly rejected, since he intends to fulfill his contract until 2024 (when he could be signed by another club for free).

French media They continue to give Real Madrid as a favorite, who was about to sign him in 2021, but his proposal of around 200 million was rejected. However, clubs from Saudi Arabia and English have also been cited as suitors.

PSG, which with Mbappé has acquired enormous international notoriety and has won titles (although none of the Champions League), seeks to recover part of the 180 million he paid in 2017 to Monacoan amount that joins the stratospheric salary of the footballer, of about 70 million a year, signed in the 2022 renewal.

If the Gordian knot is not resolved, the French press speculates with the possibility of Mbappé spending a year without playing, as happened in 2019 with Adrien Rabiot, who also refused to renew. However, it would be the most unlikely outcome, taking into account that in 2024 there will be a Eurocup and an Olympic Games.

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Meanwhile, those summoned by Luis Enrique They already landed in Tokyo, where they will begin their Asian tour on Tuesday with a match against Cristiano Ronaldo's Al-Nassr.

Thousands of miles away, Mbappé stayed training with those "defenestrated" by the clubthat is, the players that the club wants to sell and have a valid contract.

The French soccer players union has already warned that this situation You can set up a "moral harassment" by PSG.

In any case, this Saturday, the top scorer in the history of PSG he gave no signs of stress and he even signed autographs for some fans who were waiting for him at the gates of the sports city of Poissy.

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