Mazatlán vs Toluca: On which channel are they showing the Liga MX match TODAY?

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Mazatlán and Toluca will be in charge of opening day 17 of Apertura 2023 of the Liga MX with their match at the Kraken Stadium, where both teams are staking much of their aspirations for the final phase of the competition.

The match is of high relevance for both squads, since the result will determine their place in the classification and in turn their condition for the Play-In of Mexican soccer.

How do Mazatlán vs Toluca arrive in the MX League?

Mazatlán has gained valuable points in the last days of Apertura 2023since they have three victories in their four most recent games and have reached 19 points, so their place in the next phase is still in danger.

The Cañoneros will try to put the 4-0 defeat they suffered at the hands of Necaxa on matchday 16 out of their minds. Well, if they were victorious this weekend they would be close to the Play-In.

For its part, Toluca has two more units than the Mazatlan team and still aspires even to the direct leaguewhich is why a victory in the Kraken will be essential for him to be able to enter that instance.

The Red Devils continue to recover from the state of shock represented by the surprise departure of Ignacio Ambriz from the bench, as they fell against Santos last weekend and requires a good result to at least get into the Play-In.

What time is Mazatlán vs Toluca in the MX League?

The match between Mazatlán and Toluca, corresponding to matchday 17 of Apertura 2023 of the MX League, will be played this Friday, November 10 at the Kraken Stadium, where the opening whistle will be given at 7:06 p.m.central Mexico time.

On which channel to watch LIVE Mazatlán vs Toluca?

The duel between the Cañoneros and Diablos Rojos will be broadcast by the signal Aztec 7, on open television, while Fox Sports, will have the shares through the cable system. The streaming platform VIX+ The duel will also be available.

Mazatlán vs Toluca: match odds and predictions

The odds and predictions from the betting house have Toluca as the favorite to win against Mazatlán.

Mazatlán Triumph +200

Tie +275

Toluca Triumph +15







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