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Gunboats take out the broom...

Mazatlan fired this Sunday the Argentine coach Ruben Omar Romano and together with him eight footballersas a consequence of the poor results in the 2023 Clausura Tournament of the MX League, occupying the last overall place.

With two wins, one draw, 14 losses and seven points, Mazatlán was the last place in the tournament, that closes its preliminary phase this Sunday, in which the team showed the worst defense with 41 goals conceded in 17 games and his attack was the fifth weakest, with just 19 scores.

The team office also confirmed the withdrawal of eight mexican playersdefensemen Enrique Cedillo, Luis Quintana, Oswaldo Alanis, Raúl Sandoval, Emilio Sánchez and Efraín Orona and the midfielders Marco Fabian and Fernando Illescas.

As if that were not enough, the directive has made transferable cards to the Uruguayan goalkeeper Nicholas Vikonis and the Argentine striker Ariel Nahuelpan.

The cannon directive is committed to carrying out an exhaustive analysis to determine who will be part of the sports reconstruction project that the club will have thinking about the Opening 2023.

Mazatlán does not have a powerful squad and it remains to be seen if for the Opening Tournament 2023 the team receives a good injection of players that allows it to be the protagonist in the league tournament.

Among the many aspects that the group should improve with the arrival of the new coach and of the contracts that are expected is the performance in his stadium, in which he won one game and lost eight in the Clausura.

(With information from EFE)

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