Mayra Goñi tells how she lives in Miami and how much the criticism affected her: “I had thoughts of suicide”

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Mayra Goñi was present on the program The Reventonazo of the Chola, where he touched on a rather delicate topic. The actress confessed that she was very hurt by the criticism she received for how she lived in USAwhere many wondered where he got money to live a comfortable life, which was false.

The singer told Ernesto Pimentelactor who plays the Chola Chabuca, that the place where he lives is not luxurious as many think. She doesn't even pay for it alone, she shares the expenses with three other people.

And knowing that in Peru they said something else, it was not an easy situation, because she felt so affected that she began to think about suicide.

"They claim things that are not, and people obviously imagine and say, 'wow, how much money.' At some point it affected me a lot and I thought about making very hard decisions, being alone in a country. I remember that I couldn't go back and I was alone and I received these attacks, thoughts of suicide even came to me and everything was very strong. Thank God, I received help from professionals and things have changed," said the remembered figure of Come dance quinceañera.

Given this, the Chola Chabuca She became very serious and spoke a few words to him. “You cannot trivialize what you have said, because when you are young, when you are alone, what happens in your emptiness. And I ask you, Mayra, not to doubt yourself,” said the TV host.

Mayra Goñi talks about how much she suffered when she was criticized. America TV
Mayra Goñi talks about how much she suffered when she was criticized. America TV

Moved, Mayra Goñi thanked the Chola Chabuca for her comforting words and ran to hug her, being reciprocated as well.

Prior to this confession, Mayra Goñi revealed how she lives in the United States, making it clear that she does not live in luxury as much has been said.

“It's hard to start in a country from scratch. I didn't know anyone, at first I stayed with my friends. Then I went to live alone, now I don't live alone,” said the notoriously affected singer.

“It is said that I live in a very expensive apartment, it is true that in Miami everything is expensive; but I live with three other people,” he continued.

Mayra Goñi returns to the United States and explains why she does not stay in Peru. | instagram
Mayra Goñi returns to the United States and explains why she does not stay in Peru. | instagram

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Mayra Goñi tries to defend himself. In April 2023, the actress indicated through her Instagram that she has a clean career and that her criticism only discredits her.

“I have always characterized myself as having a clean career since I started working singing and as an actress. Thank God, I have never lacked work, there are novels that are more visible than others, but I have not stopped until before the pandemic began,” she said at the time.

That's when the young woman decided to travel to the United States to look for a better future, starting from scratch despite everything she achieved in Peru.

“At the beginning it has been difficult, I feel better and better, more comfortable with my space, grateful to God for the opportunities, there are sacrifices, I cannot return to my country until they allow me to. Meanwhile, I am working as an influencer because in some way I have to generate income, because I have my savings, but I am not going to spend my savings money either,” said the actress, who could not contain her tears when talking about the constant questions you have suffered.

"They don't realize that they affect someone's image, I feel that instead of empowering me, that help from Peruvians, I don't feel it, 'Hey Mayrita, it's good that things are going well for you', on the contrary, they discredit my image, that they discredit me." "It has been difficult to build all this time without needing anyone to achieve my dreams, because I have talent," she said, quite affected.

Mayra Goñi can't take it anymore and clarifies through tears that in the US she is an influencer. (Video: Instagram)

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