Mayor of Mexico suffers an attack and three of his bodyguards are killed; he took refuge in a school

State police mounted an operation to remove the mayor from the school where he hid.

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A new violent act took place in the Mexican state of Chiapas, since the current mayor of the municipality of La Concordia, Miguel Angel Cordova Ochoa, known as "El Amigo Migue", suffered an attack in broad daylight in the streets of the town he runs. The result of the attack was three of his escorts dead, the official managed to save his life by taking refuge in a school.

According to the site La Silla Rota, the events occurred just outside the school where the mayor hid, his escorts were waiting for him outside in a van, when armed men arrived at the site and opened fire on them, using large-caliber weapons, at look like AK-47 or “cuernos de chivo” and R-15. Two of the men died instantly, another was badly injured lying on the sidewalk, where he was bleeding to death.

Videos of the attack circulated on social media., in one of them the injured bodyguard is seen asking a person to please call his wife. Moments later, the guard -identified as Alex- was taken by a Civil Protection ambulance to a hospital, but it was reported that he could not get there and died from the various bullet wounds he received throughout his body, the police announced. weekly Process.

Meanwhile, inside the private school there were moments of real panic, as both the students and the teaching staff began to hear the detonations of firearms and did not know where they came from.

State police mounted an operation to later remove the mayor from the school. The directors of the educational center asked the parents not to approach the area until the investigations had been carried out, which led to their disagreement with the risk faced by the children, who were in class at the time of the attack.

Regarding the mayor, the Chiapas State Attorney General's Office (FGE) reported that he was unharmed from the attack. The Universal newspaper indicated that, minutes before the hit men arrived, Córdova Ochoa had gotten out of the Suburban truck that was attacked with assault rifle fire, which allowed him to save his life.

Regarding the fatalities, those who died instantly were identified as Rubén Rovelo and Diego Suárez Basaul, workers from the municipality of La Concordia and originally from it.

La Concordia is located in the center of Chiapas. Due to its geographical location and proximity to the Frontera Comalapa municipality, the municipality has been used for the smuggling of migrants and illegal merchandise that enters through the southern border of the country.

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