Mayor Muriel Bowser activated a hot weather emergency

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Mayor Muriel Bowser has activated a hot weather emergency from Wednesday, July 5 through Saturday, July 8, when heat indices are expected to reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for four consecutive days.

When the forecast heat index is 95 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for at least four consecutive days, the District Government, through the Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA), activates a hot weather emergency remains to be built and cooling centers for residents seeking relief from the heat.

During a hot weather emergency activation, residents are urged to stay cool, check on seniors and other vulnerable neighbors, and call the shelter hotline for unsheltered residents who need free transportation to a cooling center.

Cooling centers:

While some cooling centers will be open specifically during the hot weather emergency, many of the District's cooling centers will be available during regular business hours. To find a cooling center closest to you or for more information on preventative resources for a hot weather emergency, visit If you or someone you know needs transportation to a cooling center, please call the shelter hotline at (202) 399-7093. Residents can find their nearest cooling center using theinteractive map of the District.

The Downtown Day Center at 1313 New York Avenue NW is open for the homeless on Wednesday, July 5 – Friday, July 7 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday, July 8 from 10:00 am to 3 :00 pm 00 pm Services include toilets, bottled water and snacks, and no appointment is necessary.

For more information on services provided during a heat emergency, visitheat.dc.govor call the City of Mayor's Call Center at 311.

Safety precautions for extreme heat:

Help protect yourself and others from extreme heat by:

  • Stay indoors when possible: Find shady or air-conditioned places to seek relief from the heat. Residents can find their nearest cooling center using the District's interactive map.
  • Watching Your Neighbors: Young children, the elderly, and those with access and functional needs are the most vulnerable in our community.
  • Drink plenty of fluids: Increase your fluid intake, but do not drink fluids that contain alcohol, caffeine, or large amounts of sugar.
  • Keep pets inside: Walk pets early in the morning, give them plenty of water, and don't leave them in vehicles, which can reach dangerous temperatures in 10 minutes. For all animal emergencies, including animals left outside in extreme temperatures or in vehicles, call the Humane Rescue Alliance at (202) 723-5730.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen: choose light, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and wide-brimmed hats. It is best to use a sunscreen SPF 15 or higher.

Low Barrier Shelters:

Low-barrier shelters for people operate year-round. All low barrier shelters remain open 24 hours.


  • Shelter 801 East at 2722 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE
  • Adams Place Shelter at 2210 Adams Place NE
  • Blair House at 635 I Street NE
  • Emery Shelter at 1725 Lincoln Road NE
  • New York Avenue Shelter at 1355-57 New York Avenue NE


  • Harriet Tubman Women's Shelter – DC General Building 9 at 1910 Massachusetts Avenue SE
  • Patricia Handy Place for Women Extension at 1009 11th Street NW
  • St. Josephine Bakhita at 6010 Georgia Avenue NW


  • Low Barrier Shelter for LGBTQ+ Adults at 400 50th Street SE

Families seeking emergency shelter can call the City of Mayor's Call Center by dialing 311 at any time.

Spray Parks and Pools:

DPR spray parks are open daily from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm through Labor Day. A complete list of DPR's 33 spray parks can be found . DPR's 22 outdoor pools are open six days a week and operate on individual schedules available . Nine of DPR's indoor pools are also open with at least one available every day of the week; individual schedules are available at .

Fire Hydrant Safety:

Residents are reminded that the unauthorized use of fire hydrants is illegal, dangerous and harmful. To report a tampered fire hydrant, call 311.

Air quality:

In addition to the high temperatures, the District continues to monitor the effects of the Canadian wildfires on DC's air quality. Residents can follow local air quality reports and the US Air Quality Index at

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