Máximo Kirchner: “Javier Milei is the son of debt to the IMF”

Máximo Kirchner: “Javier Milei is the son of debt to
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Máximo Kirchner: “Javier Milei is the son of debt to the IMF”

Maximo Kirchner He referred this afternoon to Javier Milei —the presidential candidate for La Libertad Avanza— and pointed out that “He is a child of debt with the IMF”. This was stated by the national deputy shortly after participating in a meeting of the Buenos Aires PJ who presides. In his statements, he also pointed out Patricia Bullrich (Together for Change).

The Milei phenomenon does not attract my attention at all"It has to do with processes that occur," the legislator analyzed about the economist's victory in the PASO. Then, in his statements to the media, Máximo Kirchner drew a parallel with the midterm elections that the ruling party lost in the 2009 when talking about the contexts and another “political phenomenon” that emerged at that time, such as Francisco De Narvaez.

He then insisted: “Elections are like that. I would tell you that it is a process, I would tell you that (Milei) is a child of debt with the International Monetary Fund. Only this decline in the quality of life of the people as a result of not being able to manage the State in a correct way and with the freedom that Argentina requires makes (him) appear”.

Then, the president of the PJ in the province of Buenos Aires made a reading about the citizens who voted for the leader of La Libertad Avanza. “You have to respect it. I don't agree with those who get angry or think people are stupid. People go, vote and choose. “We can’t get angry about these things.” In turn, Máximo Kirchner clarified: “Later, the level of aggressiveness or the language or issues that he handles… well, people evaluate that.”

In that sense, when talking about the discursive tones used in the elections by opposition figures, the national deputy criticized the economist but also added the Together for Change candidate in his statements. “The truth is that someone who says that a political organization is going to disappear as Milei said or as Bullrich said: destroy Kirchnerism… The truth is that I do not want to destroy Patricia Bullrich. I want the country to do well,” he remarked.

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