Mauricio Vila highlights the transformation of Yucatán towards a sustainable state with development

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The transformation of Yucatan and what is being done to lay the foundations for the future towards a sustainable entity, with economic development and better living conditions for its population, was presented to leaders of the maquiladora and export manufacturing industry by Governor Mauricio Vila, when providing the conference "Driving the Future: Navigating towards Sustainable Development in Yucatán", within the framework of the 48th National Convention Index 2023.

“Yucatán is in a historic moment, since 2021 was the year with the greatest economic growth in the history of the state and the year with the greatest job creation; 2022 was the year with the highest amount of foreign investment, the safest year in history with the lowest incidence of crime and in which the most tourists have visited us, all of this thanks to the teamwork we do in the state,” said Vila. Dosal accompanied by the national leader of Index, Luis Manuel Hernández and the head of the Secretariat of Economic Development and Labor (Sefoet), Ernesto Herrera Novelo.

As part of his activities at this meeting, the PAN governor held a meeting with the director of the Office of International Labor Affairs of the United States Department of Labor, Matthew Levin, with whom he addressed issues related to how the arrival of new investments in Yucatán is being taken advantage of to generate better-paying jobs and opportunities. labor that exist with the T-Mec in Mexico.

In this context, it was announced that Yucatan It will host next year the 49th edition of the National Index Convention, so businessmen from the sector from all over the country will be in the state to corroborate the growth and development that the state is experiencing.

Before the president of Index in YucatanAlejandro Guerrero Lozano, and businessmen from this branch of the country, Governor Mauricio Vila highlighted that the state is ideal for investing due to its high levels of security, climate of peace, quality of life, its greater competitiveness in the Southeast, legal certainty and good conditions for doing business.

About the industry, the governor pointed out that Yucatán It is growing in the secondary sector and, proof of this, is that last year the state's manufacturing exports reached a growth of more than 12% compared to 2021, according to Inegi; In 2021, the industry grew 7.8% compared to the previous year, in addition, it represented half of the state's total secondary activity; Likewise, in 2022, employment amounted to 323,196 workers, which represented an increase of 5,907 workers compared to the previous year.

In that sense, Vila indicated that it has been possible to promote Yucatan globally like never before, reaching parts of the world such as China, South Korea, Spain, the United States, Italy and Germany, which has managed to receive significant investments for a package of more than 350 projects from companies such as Airbus, Walmart , Mercado Libre, Amazon, Heineken, Accenture and Preh, which are generating better-paying and quality jobs for Yucatecans.

“In our government, we know that, to have a level playing field, all Yucatecans must have a good job, so we create the conditions and promote our state so that companies can arrive that offer those jobs and, in this way, improve the economy of the families of Yucatán,” indicated the Governor.

Vila highlighted that in his government the priority is those who have the least, which is why, as a result of the efforts to reduce the inequality gap, poverty was reduced like never before. For example, data from the INEGI in July showed that, at the Nationally, the salary increased 11% but in Yucatán it grew 17%; The poorest Yucatecans, that is, those who earn the least, in the last 2 years their salary increased almost 50% while, at the national level, it only grew 18%.”

It was possible to lift 236 thousand Yucatecans out of poverty: Mauricio Vila

In the Coneval evaluation, in the month of August, the governor continued, he reported that the entity lifted 236 thousand Yucatecans out of poverty, it is the best data we have obtained in all of history, we are the second state with the greatest reduction of the percentage in extreme poverty by decreasing almost 50%, a figure 3 times more than at the national level which was 15.7%, which means that 1 in every 2 Yucatecans surpassed this condition; In addition, we obtained the lowest level in the history of educational backwardness and lack of social security and access to food.

Regarding the preparation of young Yucatecans for the professions of the future, the governor pointed out that to take advantage of Nearshoring, the training of students is promoted in the state, for example, with the State English Agenda to promote the mastery of this language with bilingual environments from preschool to university; the International Mobility Program, the Women in ICT Program, with which all those who want to study any engineering career linked to Information Technologies in public universities of the State Government, will receive a 100% scholarship in registration and tuition throughout the entire period. his career.

Likewise, Vila continued, we already have new industry 4.0 and 5.0 laboratories at the Polytechnic Universities of Yucatán (UPY) and Tecnológica Metropolitana (UTM), so that young people can train in the field of the aerospace industry, the supply chain and storage; as well as we were the first to start Cybersecurity careers in the Southeast, in addition to the creation of 2 new laboratories in collaboration with the UPY and the UTM with exclusive design for real-time attack and defense simulation, hacking tests and software vulnerability .

Also, the pilot program of robotics classes for basic education began, which is the first of its kind in all of Latin America, in which the project includes 242 schools in 10 municipalities of the entity in its first stage, bringing the technological knowledge in the preparation of Yucatecan students from a young age.

“With all this work, the foundations for the future of Yucatán are being laid for the next 30 years with projects such as the expansion of the Mérida International Airport and the Progreso High Port, the Progreso elevated viaduct, the construction of 2 thermoelectric plants , the arrival of more natural gas, the Mayan Train that will allow us to attract more tourists, economic development and jobs for Yucatecans, the Great Park of “La Plancha”, the Ie-Tram of the “Va y Ven” public transportation system, "which will become the first electric route in the Southeast and the only one of its kind in all of Latin America, projects that will mark the course of Yucatán towards a sustainable future," he concluded.

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