Mauricio Tabe asks local Morena deputies to stop punishing Mayor Miguel Hidalgo

Mauricio Tabe asks local Morena deputies to stop punishing Mayor
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Mayor Mauricio Tabe called on the deputies of Brunette so that in the 2024 Budget they stop punishing Mayor Miguel Hidalgo and return part of what this district contributes to Mexico City.

The official highlighted that the mayor's office Miguel Hidalgo contributes one in every five weight of predial collected by Mexico City, so the ceiling assigned by the Ministry of Finance is not enough to cover the needs of the inhabitants of the district.

“We ask the Morena deputies not to forget that they govern for everyone and that Miguel Hidalgo is part of Mexico City; “We ask the Morena deputies to stop punishing Miguel Hidalgo and his neighbors,” he said in his weekly press conference.

Mauricio Tabe mentioned that will prioritize in the budget request, the program “Shield MH”, to seek to be the safest mayor's office in the entire capital of the Republic.

In addition, they will be requested resources for social programs, especially for women, and double the program “Hands on the Pot” in order to further promote community kitchens in popular neighborhoods of the demarcation.

He said he will request a budget for rehabilitate schools, recovery of streets, safer markets, releveling salaries of teachers in the CENDISthe payment of awards and contracts from previous administrations.

“With what Miguel Hidalgo contributes to Mexico City, the Government would not have pretext to grant us, consequently, the additional resources that we are requesting, which is not to comply whims"It is to meet the essential needs of those who need it most," he considered.


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