Mauricio Ochmann is criticized after announcing his debut as a singer: "Zapatero to your shoes"

Mauricio Ochman He surprised millions of fans by showing another of his facets, now as a singer. And while her foray into music was liked by true fans of hers, it was also received strong accusations within social networkswhere they even asked him to dedicate himself solely to acting.

Last Wednesday, January 25, Mauricio Ochman announced the release of his first single called "En Defensa Propia" and which he proudly boasted through his different social networks, one of them Instagram, where he invited his 8.6 million followers. to see the official video.

Happy to share my first video 'En defensa propia', now available on music platforms“. read in the publication where he gave a small sample of what they could see in this new stage of his career.

Although many assured that it could be a brief facet, it was the ex of Aislinn Derbez who was in charge of explaining that it is not just a single, because it is actually part of an EP made up of six songs.

“With great emotion and affection I want to share my new facet as a singer, is an EP with 6 songs titled 'Origin' It will be available on platforms from January 25. I hope you enjoy it!!", mentioned the interpreter.

But while his girlfriend Paola Burrola, wished him success in this new stage of his life and celebrities such as Omar Chaparro applauded the musical release; There was no shortage of users who sent him tremendous criticism, as they agreed that he should continue his successful career but as an actor.

"No, the truth is that I prefer you as an actor, there is a saying that says... shoe rack to your shoes"Definitely a good singer you are not", "This is a joke, right? It is fatal“”, “No thanks, nice try”, “You are a good actor, better dedicate yourself to what you know how to do”, “As a singer, he is a very good actor”, “Your thing is acting”, “Mauricio yours is acting and not singing“, “You have to accept that we are not good at everything, keep acting”, “Are you serious? Or is it for a character? ”, were just some messages that she received.

Despite the criticism, the artist already has more than 13,000 views on YouTube, where he was also showered with congratulations for daring to explore one more of his dreams.

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