Mauricio Macri will compete to be vice president of Boca Juniors

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Mauricio Macri, former president of Argentina, will compete to be vice president of Boca Juniorsas reported this Wednesday Andrés Ibarra, who leads one of the candidates to be the top leader of the xeneize entity, which celebrates andlessons on December 2.

In an interview with Radio Rivadavia, Ibarrapolitician and economist who held positions under the management of Macri as mayor of Buenos Aires (2007-2015) and as President of the Nation (2015-2019) revealed that this Monday both will offer a press conference to announce the team that aspires to preside over Boca Juniors.

Ibarra He pointed out in this regard:

He (Macri) makes the decision to participate as vice president, a formula that we will confirm because we are working with the rest of the lists to form a unity list.

The Boca presidential candidate already announced months ago his intention to face the current vice president and local idol, Juan roman riquelmewhose management is being highly criticized and which could not be 'saved' with the achievement of the seventh Libertadores Cup, since the team lost the final in Rio de Janeiro against the Fluminense.

Ibarra He stressed that on Monday they will offer all the details, although he announced that Macri He made the decision because they both want “put Boca up there again and put together a very important team.”

Under the presidency of Macri, the bostero club obtained 17 titlesof which the most important were four Libertadores Cups (2000, 2001, 2003 and 2007), in addition to two titles of Intercontinental Cup (2000 and 2003).

As a politician, this year he resigned from running for the general elections for the coalition to which he belongs, Together for Change (center-right), but he did support his candidate, Patricia Bullrichand once she was out of the presidential fight, she expressed her support for the libertarian economist Javier Mileiultra candidate for the Argentine Presidency.

(With information from EFE)

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