Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich met to analyze the possible support of the PRO for Javier Milei in the runoff

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Patricia Bullrich, after the electoral defeat, along with Mauricio Macri, Luis Petri, Néstor Grindetti and other JxC leaders (AP Photo)

Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich tonight they analyzed the possibility that the PRO support Javier Milei in the runoff, hours before the decisive meeting that the party leaders will hold to to debate formally what position they will adopt in the second round of elections on November 19.

Together for Change maintains strong differences about the runoff between Milei and Sergio Massa. In it PRO, driven by Mauricio Macri and “the hawks”, the majority wants ask for the vote for Milei, while in the UCR, With the impetus of Gerardo Morales and Martín Lousteau, they are inclined to support Massa, although there are references who propose a third alternative that would stop the rupture of space: remain neutral, leaving in leeway to the leaders and the electorate.

Macri and Bullrich had spoken by phone about the issue, but the presidential candidate agreed to go to the former president's house in Acassuso to delve deeper into the consequences of a PRO statement in favor of Milei, which would formalize the fracture of Together for Change.

The main leaders of the PRO will meet this Wednesday to debate the position on the runoff
The main leaders of the PRO will meet this Wednesday to debate the position on the runoff

After the resounding electoral defeat, the JxC leadership will have a “super wednesday” that will be decisive for its future: in three different meetings, the PRO, the UCR and the 10 governors of JxC will debate the position that they will take to the November 19 ballot and, at the same time, they will try avoid that any decision ends up breaking the opposition coalition.

On the one hand, Macri and Bullrich will lead the meeting of the main leaders of the PRO, at 11, at the party headquarters of Balcarce 412, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Monserrat, in which Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, María Eugenia Vidal, Cristian Ritondo, Federico Angelini, Humberto Schiavoni, Diego Santilli, Fernando de Andreis and three governors of the PRO: Jorge Macri (CABA), Ignacio Torres (Chubut) and Rogelio Frigerio (Entre Ríos), among others.

Some leaders, such as Larreta, Vidal and Santilli, They don't want to support Milei and they will propose the neutrality of all JxC for the runoff. However, Macri has already told his close friends that Massa is his "limit" and would prefer an agreement with Milei. The same position has Bullrich and Angelinivice president of the national PRO, who came closest to speaking out in favor of the libertarian: he said that “the PRO was not born for freedom of action but to make political decisions and definitions.”

Waldo Wolff met with Javier Milei in a TV studio and revealed that he will support him in the runoff
Waldo Wolff met with Javier Milei in a TV studio and revealed that he will support him in the runoff

Another definition within the PRO was that of a reference for “the hawks” of the PRO as Javier Iguacel, mayor of Capitán Sarmiento and former candidate for governor of Buenos Aires from bullrichism, who announced that he will support Milei because “It is freedom or crime” in a message on the social network The same way she did it yesterday Waldo Wolff, another “hawk” who is active in the larretismo and is Secretary of Public Affairs of the Buenos Aires government: “Tomorrow we have a partisan discussion and I have my personal position; in these alternatives that exist I am going to support Javier (Milei); I propose that," he said in the LN+ studios next to Milei.

“For 8 years I spent fighting Kirchnerism along with my entire space, my radical colleagues and the Civic Coalition. They stoned us in Congress. They invented a missing person for us. The Legislature of Jujuy was set on fire. They set up cases for all of us. They did not get the money from the co-participation. I understand that there are people who can remain neutral or people from my space who do not want to accompany. It's a posibility, “We are democrats and no one is obliged.”

However, Frigerio and Torres are two of the JxC governors that will promote the leeway before the runoff and will act as a block with their colleagues as a new pole of internal power to prevent fracture. The 10 provincial leaders enrolled in the coalition will meet this Wednesday, at 7 p.m., at the House of the Province of Corrientes, at Maipú 271. There, in addition to Frigerio, Torres, other elected governors will attend such as Alfredo Cornejo (Mendoza), Marcelo Orrego (San Juan ), Claudio Poggi (San Luis), Leandro Zdero (Chaco) and Carlos Sadir (Jujuy), plus Gustavo Valdés, who leads Corrientes, and Jorge Macri, who has just confirmed his victory in the city of Buenos Aires. The only absentee with notice will be Maximiliano Pullaro (Santa Fe), who is traveling abroad.

Patricia Bullrich, with the governors of Together for Change
Patricia Bullrich, with the governors of Together for Change

Between the meeting of the PRO and the governors of JxC, the meeting held by the members of the National Committee of the UCR, at the headquarters of Alsina 1786, although in this case the majority seems to be close to support for Massa: The position in favor of the Unión por la Patria candidate, especially in rejection of Milei, is promoted by Gerardo Morales, the head of radicalism, and the national senator Martin Lousteau, Although in the last hours opinions in the same sense were added by the vice president of the UCR, María Luisa Storani, who anticipated that “It is very likely that we will support Massa” because “there is a violent proposal from the extreme right that Milei represents.”

The Civic Coalition, chaired by Maximiliano Ferraro, was the only party of Together for Change that has already made its position explicit for the runoff: it will not support Massa or Milei. “We accept the electoral result, but we will not vote for any of the two options that will compete in the runoff, those that propose irresponsible governments based on moral and political impossibilities and a pact of impunity. Consequently, It is neither with Massa, nor with Milei”he said in a statement.

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