Matute says that there is progress "in the right direction" but asks the PSOE for "audacity" to achieve the investiture of Sánchez

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The deputy of EH Bildu Oskar Matute has affirmed that the agreement reached this past Thursday for the formation of the Table of the Congress of Deputies is a step "in the right direction" for an eventual investiture of Pedro Sánchez as president of the Government, although he has warned that now it is the acting Executive that must be "bold" to reach new agreements that allow this possibility to become a reality. Matute has also stated, in an interview in Onda Vasca collected by Europa Press, that the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, seems "a little touched" after the defeat of his candidate to preside over the Congress Table, and has stressed that " behind each false step" of the current leader of the Popular Party, "the shadow" of Isabel Díaz Ayuso always appears "as her natural substitute and as the person who aspires to be there." Matute explained that the agreement reached this past Thursday between the PSOE, Sumar and various nationalist formations regarding the formation of the Board of the Lower House "was a step and a necessary condition" for a subsequent pact that allows the reissue of a Party government Socialist and progressive coalition. "IT IS NOT ENOUGH" In any case, he has stressed that the understanding achieved regarding the governing body of Congress "is not enough" to take for granted a new investiture of Sánchez and the continuity of the current Executive. Matute has recognized that if the agreement of this past Thursday had not been reached "it was difficult, if not impossible, to think that other" subsequent agreements could be given, given that "it does not seem that minimum conditions of stability could be met to be able to initiate a government action". However, he has warned that "from there, there is still what is really complicated"; that is to say, to reach an agreement that allows to form a government of PSOE and Sumar with the support of "forces as heterogeneous as those that are called to concur so that the numbers give." (((There will be expansion)))

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